Pantheus and Diana – Reinventing The Greek Myth!

The tale was distorted throughout the generations that have passed since the happening of it. The greatest of all unions. The exemplar of earthly love and humane lust mingling together, raising towards a greater level. Divine, we had called it. Grater than the illusions of Cupid, heavenly than intoxicants of Bacchus, taking us beyond the times of Gaia and Choas, letting us have the vision of The Creator who breathed air into this existence.

కహ్లీల్ గిబ్రాన్ “The Prophet” – అనువాదం, తెలుగులో – #2

మీ మనసుని ఇచ్చిపుచుకొండి, కానీ అది బందికానా అవ్వకూడదు. ప్రకృతి మాత్రమే మీ మనసుకి నిజమైన యజమాని.

గుడి స్తంభాలు అన్నీ కలిసి గోపురాన్ని నిలబెట్టినా, విడిగానే కదా నిలుచున్నాయి? ఒక మర్రిచెట్టు నీడల్లో మరో మర్రిచెట్టు ఎదగలేదు కదా!

Indra’s Aaromale #1 – A Love Story of Cockroaches, Cigarettes and Curly Chest-Hair.

“Man’s greatest tragedy is that he can conceive of a perfection which he cannot attain.” – Lord Byron(Jerome MacGann) O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms,         Alone and palely loitering?  The sedge has withered from the lake,         And no birds sing.  O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms,         So haggard and so woe-begone?  The squirrel’s granary is full, …

The Faded Leaves of Freedom – Dystopian Diaries #2

When has the world lost its meaning and when has the last poet lived? These are clueless questions which didn’t even babble over the minds of mindless post-humans who led their lives in the aimless refute of LIFE. The past order and harmony has gone. The nature and its love has vexed. The sun has gone merciless and the gases that infuriate him were hovering around the once precious, life-filled planet of this solar system.

The Living Castle of Garodas #1 – The Dead Awakens.

Foreword: These days, it is highly boring that everything’s normal, for, once it was not so. Actually, when you have a wife of a really rare history, you would better understand that, believe me. When we first came to this town, the town of Dwaraka – oh, not the one of Krishna in Gujarat, no,…

The Stinking Skin – The King of Seas

There is a lot to say; there was so less. There is so much to think; there was nothing at all. There was a whole world to go; there is no place like home. Home. The more I think, the more vague it becomes. The more I try to remember, the more I forget, and…

The Stupid Marriage!

One fine late-in-the-evening! It started when I was going home on my bike in a real rush through the bustling crowd of our town’s busiest roads. What is it that started? “The turn of fate.” Of course, it could have started much earlier; when I came out that evening, or when that girl came out…