Indra’s Aaromale #2 – A Love Story of Library, Verses and Dying Eye-Lids.

“Man’s greatest tragedy is that he can conceive of a perfection which he cannot attain.” – Lord Byron(Jerome MacGann) She found me roots of relish sweet,       And honey wild, and manna-dew,And sure in language strange she said—       ‘I love thee true’. She took me to her Elfin grot,       And there she wept and sighed full sore,And there…

In the Quest of Light #2: Tyres, Trains and Tears.

. . . . Cntd of #1 Chapter 6: It is a need that I pay my orison to the one who is watching everything that is happening. Who knows it all than Him who has commenced me into this journey? There are a thousand times we both (I and my woman) have thought that…

O a Sailor’s Song – A Praising Poem

O the sailor of those violent storms,
Who thread the path with silent songs,
Who sang for gods, who broke the rocks,
And you drove the demons mad and far.