Indra's Aaromale #2 – A Love Story of Library, Verses and Dying Eye-Lids.

“Man’s greatest tragedy is that he can conceive of a perfection which he cannot attain.” – Lord Byron(Jerome MacGann) She found me roots of relish sweet,       And honey wild, and manna-dew,And sure in language strange she said—       ‘I love thee true’. She took me to her Elfin grot,       And there she wept and sighed full sore,And there…

కహ్లీల్ గిబ్రాన్ “The Prophet” – అనువాదం, తెలుగులో – #2

మీ మనసుని ఇచ్చిపుచుకొండి, కానీ అది బందికానా అవ్వకూడదు. ప్రకృతి మాత్రమే మీ మనసుకి నిజమైన యజమాని.

గుడి స్తంభాలు అన్నీ కలిసి గోపురాన్ని నిలబెట్టినా, విడిగానే కదా నిలుచున్నాయి? ఒక మర్రిచెట్టు నీడల్లో మరో మర్రిచెట్టు ఎదగలేదు కదా!

కహ్లీల్ గిబ్రాన్ “The Prophet” – అనువాదం, తెలుగులో – #1

ప్రేమ ప్రేమను తప్ప మరొకటి ఇవ్వదు. ప్రేమ ప్రేమను తప్ప మరి ఏదీ తీసుకోదు. ప్రేమ ఎవ్వరినీ బలవంతముగా ఆవహించదు, లేక ఎవ్వరిచేతా ఆవహింపబడదు. ప్రేమ ప్రేమగా ఉంటే అంతే చాలు.

The Faded Leaves of Freedom – Dystopian Diaries #2

When has the world lost its meaning and when has the last poet lived? These are clueless questions which didn’t even babble over the minds of mindless post-humans who led their lives in the aimless refute of LIFE. The past order and harmony has gone. The nature and its love has vexed. The sun has gone merciless and the gases that infuriate him were hovering around the once precious, life-filled planet of this solar system.

The Living Castle of Garodas #1 – The Dead Awakens.

Foreword: These days, it is highly boring that everything’s normal, for, once it was not so. Actually, when you have a wife of a really rare history, you would better understand that, believe me. When we first came to this town, the town of Dwaraka – oh, not the one of Krishna in Gujarat, no,…

In the Quest of Light #3: Mist, Mountains and My Muse.

. . . . Cntd of #2 Chapter 12: “Wicky simply cannot live without her,” this is how I wanted to start this installment. Because this basically is about Wicky and Wicky’s only woman – nothing else. So, yes; Wicky cannot live without her. After the tumultuous tour to Kodai to show his love that…

In the Quest of Light #2: Tyres, Trains and Tears.

. . . . Cntd of #1 Chapter 6: It is a need that I pay my orison to the one who is watching everything that is happening. Who knows it all than Him who has commenced me into this journey? There are a thousand times we both (I and my woman) have thought that…

In the Quest of Light #1: A Promise Made to the Woman.

{Authors Note: The semi-epic journey I am going to elaborate through this series of journals is not a subject of debate of being a fact or fiction. This is a writer’s voice and I hope you’d enjoy these as they are, trying not to decode too much or trying not to deduce the facts from…