Pantheus and Diana – Reinventing The Greek Myth!

The tale was distorted throughout the generations that have passed since the happening of it. The greatest of all unions. The exemplar of earthly love and humane lust mingling together, raising towards a greater level. Divine, we had called it. Grater than the illusions of Cupid, heavenly than intoxicants of Bacchus, taking us beyond the times of Gaia and Choas, letting us have the vision of The Creator who breathed air into this existence.

కహ్లీల్ గిబ్రాన్ “The Prophet” – అనువాదం, తెలుగులో – #2

మీ మనసుని ఇచ్చిపుచుకొండి, కానీ అది బందికానా అవ్వకూడదు. ప్రకృతి మాత్రమే మీ మనసుకి నిజమైన యజమాని.

గుడి స్తంభాలు అన్నీ కలిసి గోపురాన్ని నిలబెట్టినా, విడిగానే కదా నిలుచున్నాయి? ఒక మర్రిచెట్టు నీడల్లో మరో మర్రిచెట్టు ఎదగలేదు కదా!

The Deific Cycle of Bholenath – A Tale of Divine Intervention

Him and The Pillars: The thousands of pillars that stand letting the roof guard the tens of thousands of people in the temple strike a smiling similarity between what I think of my own life. Pillars – they are architectural monuments. They stand defeating the sands of time. They mark the existence of a temple…

Maya – The Ultimate “Illusion” of Life?

{Being so naive, I apologize if I exclude something importantly orthodox or I exploit anything too much on bias. Let’s go then?} Maya, the illusion of Life is one of the most intricate concepts of Hinduism (as people around the world are calling this religion; the name of it, I too don’t know, and I…