Keep The Light Safe – An Indian Poem

There’s a place for sure, Where this race can cure, All the disease, and precede, With all its glory, till the end of times, Just as it begun, With the goblet of wisdom, At the advent of time. This nation, with all its grace, Shall not perish and fade away, No grave danger is in…

Colonel Aureliano Buendia

{Every aspired writer might have his inspiration; by whom he would be very much shaken till nerves and gets furiously invoked to make great work and pay tribute to the one who caused the stirs of revolution take place in his abode of desire. I too have one: Gabriel García Márquez, the greatest writer ever and the most favorite for me. His writing technique and mastery of Magic Realism is something I just can’t take off my mind. I hope I won’t disgrace his mastery. I took up this work to heart, just trying to express how much love I have befallen with his untanned and immortal characters.}