Recording Things as They Are – Anecdotes by Nagendra Sarma!

Walter Pater, expressing his view towards Non-Fiction, says something like, non-fiction is a gifted form to the modern world’s literature. I can’t say anything more than that.

Now is the most essential time more than ever in the scores of man kind to express themselves in the way they are. The fabrics of fictions and the sinking of ones ideas or ideals into the scaffolding of mystical tales no longer works. What should be said should be said properly, completely and effectively.

From the journal record of our life’s daily course to the authentic research materials of modern history, non-fiction is raw, up to the mark and highly effective, which is needed the most today.

Non-fiction is so powerful, it can be a tool to change the world today under the hands of right people and right reformers.

This is a different tool for different people. For me, non-fiction is a tool to understand myself and my tangled emotions better.

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“The Testament of Love”

The Testament of Love. . .: One day, I shall just stand up and with a stupid smile on my face I shall say, “I want to quit.” If someone asks me why I want to, mm, I don’t know how I can express my feeling which I am feeling now. I would just look…

The Play Scene in ‘Hamlet’ exhibited 1842 Daniel Maclise 1806-1870 Presented by Robert Vernon 1847

The Four-Fold Interpretation of Katharsis: A Humble Critique on Aristotle!

When a text is interpreted and reinterpreted and re-reinterpreted, it is really hard to take the heat of the critics who are interpreting it, for it might lose its meaning in some or the other way and melt down into nothing but mere rubbish, and that is how many of the great works bite the…

Padmavati : A Proud Hindu Rajput Queen

So, let’s enter the intriguing tale of talking parrots, dangerous seas, God’s, wars, passionate heroes, venomous villains and most importantly, a beautiful race of women. Poets are the best. They got their primary and secondary imaginative faculty working very well. Even that’s what makes them different from others, if you ask me. With a little…

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