Let’s Make Out a Few Interesting Lies – Stories by Nagendra Sarma

Fiction is fun. Fiction is the totality of everything we are ever doing everyday inn our diurnal routine. The fundamental definition for life given by Ancient Indians and Orientals is also the same. This is all a fiction which is acting through our senses. That is why, this is Maya.

Even Plato talks of this. Our world is twice removed from the real (or) ideal world. This is not true. Simulated? I am not talking all that, but there is a higher reality. Just like how we are fictionalizing the reality we are seeing, we are fictionalized by something from a higher realm.

The way to live, love and cherish the world is demonstrated by Fiction. The way in which a person (particularly the author) wants to live, love and cherish the world is demonstrated by self. Parallel universes are created, perceptions are questioned, solutions are challenged and new questions are raised. Philosophy and psychology are given the primal importance and Fiction is the playground for them to play: Sigmund Freud on his 70th birthday or something has defied the praise that he is the father of modern psychology. He said instead, that all the poets and writers have explored all of it better than anyone and they, psychologists just have to learn from them.

The portrait of real life human being from his deepest of souls and the representation of contemporary society and recording the advent changes in a particular times has always made the fiction sociologically and historically very important. The religious, social, political and linguistic clashes that has taken place in the pasts were recorded precisely by the writes of old ages, whom didn’t know that they were leaving gold behind to us; paving an opportunity for us to understand them better.

All that we are living is nothing but a mere illusion. All that we are doing is meaningless. All the constraints and all the ideals, all the nobility and all the rules are nothing but mere illusions of the mind which are rooted because of the collective consciousness of ours timeless ancestors. And that collective consciousness is collected through fiction.

Even a Myth is born out of Fictionalization of a truth.

Short Stories – You Would Love!

Dark Omen – A Bizarre Short-Story

It all started in the morning when I was sitting before the window, staring through the grills of it and thinking something which was vague. What that was I was thinking, I too cannot answer, for I forgot everything except for the posture I was in, till the little kid with smiles came an stood…

The Cosmic Accident – The Three Arrows of The Lord

“प्रपञ्चसृष्  ट्युन्मुखला  सयकायी  समस्तसा  महारकताण्डवाया  | जगज्जनन्यै  जगदेकपित्रे  नमः  शिवायै  च   नमः  शिवाय  || “ “Prapancha srushtyun muka lasyakayai, Samastha samharaka thandavaya, Jagat jananyai Jagatheka pithre, Nama Shivayai cha namashivaya.” “My salutations to both Parvathi and Shiva, To Her whose dance marks the creation of the world, To Him whose dance destroys everything, To…

Cost of Wicky’s Mood Swing – A Short Story!

{The feature image is mine – Pixelated for fun!} So then, not like everyday, Wicky is driving his bike very carefully. He isn’t always cautious while he drives. No. He is very reckless. That’s what his friend Kiran often disapproves. Kiran doesn’t like Wicky driving recklessly, but Wicky doesn’t care. Kiran too isn’t worrying about…

That Poor Little B*TCH – A Short Story

People always tend to tell others what’s right and what’s not. I don’t know on which basis they do that. I’m fucking forty years old and I still don’t understand how things tend to get segregated into good and bad. Even sucking smelly things is a really good thing for people and how can something…

A Promise: A short Short-Story.

{I am in this bus and a conversation between a daughter and her father triggered this thought. Couldn’t wait to turn it into a story and make it into a post. It’d a bit crude, but sure as hell, beautiful.} It happens so. . . She never doubted it: she is the most important thing…

The Stupid Marriage!

One fine late-in-the-evening! It started when I was going home on my bike in a real rush through the bustling crowd of our town’s busiest roads. What is it that started? “The turn of fate.” Of course, it could have started much earlier; when I came out that evening, or when that girl came out…

Plays – the Ancient Tradition

Mohit and The Magician – A Play in One Act.

Pre-reminiscence: This is a play written by me for a recent children’s drama festival a couple of months ago. I wouldn’t call this as my first play, but the first completed one. I have nothing to say about it except what’s already told in it. I wish you’d enjoy it! Characters: A Magician Mohit –…

Dramatization of “A Shady Plot”

Dramatization of “A Shady Plot” A Story by Elise Brown A Two Act Play – Nagendra Sarma Characters: John Hallock – The Writer Lavinia Hallock – Hallock’s Wife Helen – The Ghost Gladolia – Hallock’s Maid Miss Laura Hinkle – A Friend of Lavinia A Few Women Props: Three rooms with minimal furniture. Five Ouija…

Fan Work – Inspiration

Pantheus and Diana – Reinventing The Greek Myth!

The tale was distorted throughout the generations that have passed since the happening of it. The greatest of all unions. The exemplar of earthly love and humane lust mingling together, raising towards a greater level. Divine, we had called it. Grater than the illusions of Cupid, heavenly than intoxicants of Bacchus, taking us beyond the times of Gaia and Choas, letting us have the vision of The Creator who breathed air into this existence.

Colonel Aureliano Buendia

{Every aspired writer might have his inspiration; by whom he would be very much shaken till nerves and gets furiously invoked to make great work and pay tribute to the one who caused the stirs of revolution take place in his abode of desire. I too have one: Gabriel García Márquez, the greatest writer ever and the most favorite for me. His writing technique and mastery of Magic Realism is something I just can’t take off my mind. I hope I won’t disgrace his mastery. I took up this work to heart, just trying to express how much love I have befallen with his untanned and immortal characters.}

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