The Primal Instinct – Short Melodies of Nagendra Sarma

I have been a naive musician all my life. When I contemplate over myself, I faintly sense the artistic evolution of human species. When I was very little, I never sang and writing was never even in my wildest dreams. I used to draw. Only curves and lines. The first art I remember was a Gandhi’s picture I drew in my 2nd class. Gandhi was a bit fat in the picture, of course. I couldn’t control the art. After that, I was a well known and renowned artist in my school. In my 6th I got whole school drawing first, for which I was gifted the biography of Lal Bahadur Sastry. I still have it in my library. Slowly I was a school phenomenon. I used to draw Pokemon and Beyblade characters for friends and even seniors. Sometimes I used draw Disney characters of Captain Jack Sparrow and other complex characters. But there was a brutal break for my pencil. Once I tried to draw Shamitha Shetty, and I showed the picture to my dad. He said well done, but asked if that was Ravindranath Tagore. That was a straight blow towards my artistic endeavors of drawing and painting. I don’t know why, I couldn’t draw again.

After that, my heart went towards music. It was my tenth class when awesome pictures got released which got music as their strength. Telugu’s Jalsa, Parugu were a motivation and, Bollywood’s Rock On is a total inspiration. Apart from that, the next year, our Telugu guy was an Indian Idol, and that should have totally changed me. I fell for music. After then, the inspiration is endless. The list of people and music that moved my life and made me walk in the divine path of mesmerizing music is endless. From then, I never kept it off. Before turning to writing and spending my soul over words, music was my love. Total and single love. With rigorous practice and by utilizing all the limited resources I had, I learned a bit of a Carnatic, I learned Guitar and I learned lite music. Now, I can sing, play guitar and cajon clean. But to bring out music is always a economically and competently challenging issue. But I wish I would make some music for the world one day. The following are the glimpses of the love I have. More would soon be added to this page! Keep tuned!

Original Compositions

1. NiduraVaalade – An Original Composition

NiduraVaaladhe – An Original Composition

1. Lady Light – An Original Composition

Inspired Songs – Lyric and Tunes

1. Yetu Pone – Dear Comrade

Yetu Pone from Dear Comrade

2. Pibare RamaRasam

Pibare Rama Rasam of Semi Classical Music

3. Dariya – Baar Baar Dekho

Dariya from Baar Baar Dekho

4. Mera Mann – Nautanki Saala

Mera Mann from Baar Baar Dekho

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