Lady of Light – A Miracle to Witness

“Just like all the stories that were stuck in the past, this too has been a story from the past, but still a part of me.” To,Preziosa Signora. He has told her a thousand times that she was bound in the dark but she isn’t that. He has urged her to let the light unleash…

O a Sailor’s Song – A Praising Poem

O the sailor of those violent storms,
Who thread the path with silent songs,
Who sang for gods, who broke the rocks,
And you drove the demons mad and far.

Keep The Light Safe – An Indian Poem

There’s a place for sure, Where this race can cure, All the disease, and precede, With all its glory, till the end of times, Just as it begun, With the goblet of wisdom, At the advent of time. This nation, with all its grace, Shall not perish and fade away, No grave danger is in…