#LoveStory Review – An Ode to Love In the Era of Shallow Filmmaking and Exposed Honor Killings.

Shekar Kammula has somehow did it again. I watched only four films of Shekar Kammula in a theatre: Aanand, Godavari, Leader and recently, Love Story. Now, I cannot say what’s the best movie of his career. The film became real; the characters true to the core; and the story cannot be more honest.

Pantheus and Diana – Reinventing The Greek Myth!

The tale was distorted throughout the generations that have passed since the happening of it. The greatest of all unions. The exemplar of earthly love and humane lust mingling together, raising towards a greater level. Divine, we had called it. Grater than the illusions of Cupid, heavenly than intoxicants of Bacchus, taking us beyond the times of Gaia and Choas, letting us have the vision of The Creator who breathed air into this existence.

Alfred the Great – The King with a Pen

Alfred the Great – The King with a Pen Alfred – A setting example for this day’s statesmen: For the first time when I read about the great king of 9th century England, Alfred, the youngest son of King Aethelwulf of Wessex, I couldn’t take my mind off him. Being a great military strategist, statesmen,…

Colonel Aureliano Buendia

{Every aspired writer might have his inspiration; by whom he would be very much shaken till nerves and gets furiously invoked to make great work and pay tribute to the one who caused the stirs of revolution take place in his abode of desire. I too have one: Gabriel García Márquez, the greatest writer ever and the most favorite for me. His writing technique and mastery of Magic Realism is something I just can’t take off my mind. I hope I won’t disgrace his mastery. I took up this work to heart, just trying to express how much love I have befallen with his untanned and immortal characters.}