So then, when it comes to writing a novelette or a novel, the size is very comfortable. It gives us enough place and plot elements to expound over all the things which we wanted to talk about. But then, there are short stories. Short stories too well out from the same depths which produce strong works like novels and poetry. But the plots are small, but the impact would be high. Short stories are little narratives which are packed with intense emotion. The silence, or the reality, or the twist or the science in a short story is precise and up to the mark which makes it more interesting. With all these things, these short stories do one harmful thing:

Short stories, with all their intensity, mark our minds after they are being written. They just leave our heads. If they are really welled out from our depths, their reminiscences would be seen everywhere in the next stories. I have a few obsessions like that, which I got to know only after a few of my avid readers pointed out to me: The Sea, A Revenge, A Death at The End, A Slap, the list goes on. They are mine. I always try to (subconsciously or unconsciously) to fit in these elements when it comes to a story which I would like the most.

Then is when I found a way. If I am going to choose a subject which will be long and effective, i will not try to crush it and crumple it. I will elaborate it as long as it can go without being disturbed by me. Then is when I got to a resolution that I will pick out short story serials. I will go up with episodes whenever there is a chance to create a story which I think will create a good impact. I will try to bring up stories as diversified as I can make them. Ancient war-like stories, love stories, adventures or semi-autobiographical ones, I will make them good enough and interesting enough so that they will run for more than three episode, but will be less than five.

Why to forcefully kill a story when there still is a lot of life in it?