Pantheus and Diana – Reinventing The Greek Myth!

Part 1:

The tale was distorted throughout the generations that have passed since the happening of it. The greatest of all unions. The exemplar of earthly love and humane lust mingling together, raising towards a greater level. Divine, we had called it. Grater than the illusions of Cupid, heavenly than intoxicants of Bacchus, taking us beyond the times of Gaia and Choas, letting us have the vision of The Creator who breathed air into this existence.

Diana, the Greek goddess of chastity, forest and wild animals once had a quarrel with her brother Apollo and parents Zeus and Leto. The prophecy that Diana would copulate with a human has enraged them, and a moon was placed on Diana’s forehead, symbolizing her chastity, whenever that be waned off, her character to be brought into question. This kind of humiliation has pained my Diana so deep, she fled through heavens, through skies, and through Olympus, reaching Gaia, the earth, whom she thought resembles her in every way. The earth, she told, would always stay chaste no matter how many trees would be lashed down, how many mined would be drilled and how many oceans be plundered.

She, after fleeing to earth, with a company of eight nymphs who were loyal to her, rested in a forest that was just beside the woods of Thebes, and Thebes, being the kingdom founded by Cadmus, my grandfather. Grandfather of Pantheus.

It was four hundred years before my birth that Diana has reached the earth, and three hundred years before the slaying of Apollos serpent, that laid the foundations of Thebes by my grandfather. My grandfather, the great Cadmus ruled the city two hundred years before getting married, which bore him a son, and in return from his son, I was born. But it is not for whom the epics should sing. Diana, after reaching the earth, on the endless green parches of land, through the endless mountains and valleys, unfathomable oceans, traveled from East to West and back again, searching for a blind prophet, Tiresias. She was still reminiscing over the oracle of her diving union, and she wanted to know more of it.

He was, at last, found in her own woods, waiting for her to reach him, and greets her with a bow and a laugh. Tiresias, half-god himself, understood the craving of my Diana’s heart and told her to wait for the next four hundred years, and only then would the man be born who would be her counterpart, who can fill her and make her complete. My Diana retreated, into the forests of Thebes, waiting for me.

A hundred years later, Cadmus has come, and the city was born, and I, Pentheus was born after a four hundred years. When I was born, she said in our union, ripples of rain ran over the earthly body and the night the eight nymphs sang melodies that poured down as rain over the city. Diana, the most beautiful of all woman this universe bore, beauty rivaling that of Venus, reflecting young Gaia, mother earth, when she bore all the beings with love.

No one knows of this, and the few who know would forbid the truth. If this, being the truth, be discarded, the later interventions of fate can no less be agreed upon.

Five hundred years passed since the goddess made her sanctum of trees in the forests of Thebes. Humans forgot. Gods don’t know. And, I was born on a night when the sky roared and rained like it would fill the whole of this earth with itself. I grew up in the royal house, my favorite sport, hunting. I was taught how to use an ax, a bow, and an arrow, a sword, and a matchette. Even when my brothers and half-siblings were falling in and out of love, like men of my age, I turned to become the best of all hunters in this realm. With twenty hounds beside me, with flowing locks of my hair, and long robes floating in the air, accompanied by many loyal friends, I would run through the forests of Thebes, every day, soaking the earth with the blood of those wild beasts, taming the villages and breed safety among people, and myself having the splendid pleasure of savage hunting.

And one day, just as the legend says, I have, lost in the maze of that forest, reached the destination of my life: Goddess Diana. But everything that is said by the legend is not true. It is not true that she has seen me looking at her and turned me into a wild boar, as whom I would be hunted down by my own hounds; it is not true that she has scorned upon the sight of a human, and it is not true she has despised me. No, not my Diana. She never has frowned her arching eyebrows at me, she has never uttered a scathing word from her mulberry lips and she has always laid her looks upon me tenderly, the waiting evident in her eyes, and the longing she bore all the time that was infinite.

I shall now have the privilege of speaking the truth that has taken place that fortunate evening, which would lead towards the events that would be drastic.

Part 2:

That fateful day, when I thought the hunting was enough, I tried to reach a stream, that seemed celestial, to quench my thirst. Following the stream towards its lake, I have found my own ears grasping a song so wonderful and divine, it seemed to cross the humane bondage and come from the lands that are beyond heaven. More than anything else, it seemed to me like a song that I have heard in my life before on this planet.

As I followed the stream, I entered into the densest and the most beautiful part of the woods, in which everything seemed to be in love with everything. Trees mingling theirs branches with each other, so close that the sun finds it hard to penetrate their union; the creepers snaking over the rocks, water seeping through the earth, making it wet – the fragrance of it running over the place; birds mating in a reckless fashion and wild beasts licking each other – their comforting fun after a satisfying intercourse. The aura was surprising. The towering trees were all heavy with fruits that are ripe and shedding flowers that are fresh. The fragrance of the forest was sedating – every step of mine was crushing a fully blooming flower and releasing a wisp of sedate which took me to a place that I have never been before. Under that affect or in truth, the place looked more hazy as I walked in, and it was all colorful with no grim colors at all. Green, red, blue, pink, brown, shades of all cheerful colors, made more beautiful by the texture and combination laid before me as thousand things.

Slowly, as I walked, I forgot the reason why I was there and left my upper robe in the way, unburdening myself. The upper robe fell over the grass and I walked forth. A couple of birds fearlessly perched upon my shoulder and started singing as they were in the arms of their nest. It was wonderful. I walked forth much deeper into the forest and thread my way towards the center of that heavenly wood, finding myself at an earshot distance of a heavy waterfall. I found my heart urging me towards it.

When I took a step and cleared a dense bush out of my way, I saw her. I didn’t know who she was. But I know, I have reached the highest point of my life; the reason of my birth.

Part 3:

Diana, while her nine nymphs (helping angels who assist her in daily activities) stood aside, was standing under the waterfalls; turned to her behind – facing the rock. Her torso was naked; her skin reflecting the sun – radiant and luminous. She was tenderly brushing her watery charcoal hair to her behind and she would take it front sometimes to squeeze it momentarily dry. The water would splatter over her face and shoulders, and run down over her naked torso, reaching her bottom, which was wrapped up in a short glittering golden cloth, and then rush over her exposed thighs, kissing her knees and running down her legs towards the ground.

Cadmus didn’t know who she was, and I suppose, the idea of knowing who she was didn’t occur to him. He saw her from the distant tree bushes and he forgot about his life. He saw her beautiful body from the behind, and deeply wished she would turn back sooner. When Diana rose her hands inviting the water, she would look at her stretched body – at her hands, at her armpits, at her slimy, perfect waist and her comfortable hips. he didn’t even doubt if she was a woman or a goddess. She was just before him at a distance, and his life stopped then. He would try to bend this way or that way, hoping he would have a glimpse of her breasts through the gap of her hands and spine. Her breasts were healthy and ripe, sometime he could see a little of those, which would further incense his passion for more.

Under such intense gaze of Cadmus, Diana once raised her hand towards an attendant for a cosmetic paste or a perfume, and turning sideways, took a step or two. Then Cadmus had an arousing look at her mellow breasts, and looking at them with enchanted eyes, he spoke to himself in a low voice. “Are those brown nipples jewels of nature?” He could feel a strange taste on his tongue and an urge to walk towards her. Diana turned front having the paste, and he could see her from the behind: she was applying it to her body. To her neck, to her breasts, to her waist and then, she slipped her golden cloth off her body – taking the breath out of Cadmus – and was applying it to her bottom. She was standing there, in the waterfall, undressed, and somehow Cadmus felt like smelling her.

Cadmus was feeling dizzy, and just then, one of the nymphs hurried towards Diana and said something at her ear, and Cadmus felt the nymph looked at him while she spoke to her. Diana uttered a reverberating laugh, which was sedating too, and gave some instruction to her nymphs, at which they quickly approached her and, started dressing her.

With a half-crescent moon over her forehead, wearing a glittering green on the top, she wore a similar robes on the bottom and then, adored by a long garment from her shoulders till her feet, floating over the water behind her, she stood there. Even if Cadmus couldn’t see the features of her face. She looked like the queen of those woods. And the next moment, Cadmus fell unconscious.


It was then, they had the time they had waited for years. Cadmus, subconscious and Diana proud of having her possession back after thousands of years which were as painful as a stake at heart to her. But when Diana’s brother knew of this, then when was he hurried to them, caught them and cursed Cadmus to be turned into a wild beast which was to be killed by Cadmus’ own hunt party. And, the tale was distorted, making Cadmus a crude, lusty man and Diana a goddess who didn’t want Cadmus.

Oh, the muse that let me tell this tale, I am obliged to your calls and your calls only, and am glad you let me tell this tale out!

{Actually, this is the distortion of the real myth, and everything I told is a reinvention of the myth for the sake of sun. There are no intentions to hurt anyone’s sensibilities though. I humbly wanted to try to tell a Greek Tale with a similar tone. I wish I would get better! Thank you for reading!}

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  1. RadheshGorle says:

    Distortion of myth is no crime…. Haha… Greatest art pieces are distortion of myth…

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    1. Haha! Cool. Thanks man!

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  2. Good one sir..! 🙂

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  3. Sakshi indoria says:

    That’s really a great work again…when I read the title I found that boring but then when I read the story it was amazing….waiting for more and more stories.

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