If You Can't Go Outside, Then Go Inside – Three Ideas for a Healthy 'Corona' Quarantine Period by G. Sarojini.

If you can’t go outside then go inside. To make this overtly spiritual and unrealistic sentence a bit more rational (WHY DO I THINK EVERYTHING IS SPIRITUAL THESE DAYS, NETFLIX IS HAVING ITS IMPACT), let’s find out what going inside really means. (LIKE HOW THEY FORMALLY START ANY WRITE UP). Recently, I heard a song which says that the age of kingship is gone, there are no chariots, there are no horses, and we fight with ourselves in front of mirror every single day. Although the context of the song and the meaning according to that context differs from what I have got to say, the key element is times have changed. Now waging a war is far out of reach, at least for a common man, so we have got to fight with ourselves. (EXCEPT FOR YOU ARE INTO DEFENSE, OR A PERSON WHO UNNECESSIARILY GETS INTO TROUBLE IN THE NAME OF PATRIOTISM OR WHEN YOU ARE PSYCHOTIC). SO YEAH COMING TO THE POINT: GETTING INSIDE!

  • Pick a book (Hard Copy):  My fiancé always says that the books in my shelf are the greatest advancements of Human Civilization where you get in touch with conflicting and agreeing opinions. And its not a pleasurable activity like watching a Netflix show at least to me (UNLESS YOU ARE INTO SOME STUPID EROTIC OR ENTERTAINING NOVEL). It is a serious art and not always pleasurable. (IF IT BRINGS YOU PLEASURE, HEY, I AM JEALOUS OF YOU!) It might not drag you towards it again and again. But then remember those days where we used to study boring history and geography lessons for the sake of studying and nothing else; for some serious performance in a monthly test. (IF YOU COULD NOT RELATE TO THIS, TRUST ME YOU HAD A WONDERFUL CHILDHOOD) This is to get you grilled so that you come refined out of it. It also helps me in the “Internet De-tox” which is a bonus, improving the quality of my sleep. (FOR SLEEP IS MY DESTINY AND SO IS SALVATION). “READ A BOOK, OUT, LOUD , SLOW. (LIKE MY RETIRED NEIGHBOR WHO READS EVERY SUNDAY EVENING TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT HE CAN READ ENGLISH AND IS ELIGIBLE TO FIT IN THIS GENERATION BETTER THAN ME). It keeps your mind engaged; keeps you out of the constant chatter of judgments, prejudices you normally have, while you listen to an author or those ruminations your mind constantly processes in general. (EXCEPT IF YOU ARE LIKE SADGURU WHOSE MEDITATIVE PRACTICES BROUGHT MONKEY MIND INTO CONTROL OR YOU ARE A MESSIAH AFTER PROPHET MOHAMMED IN DISGUISE, WAITING TO SHOW YOUR POWER SAVING THE WORLD FROM CORONA). And it also helps with your attention span, helps you get inside of the book since you can’t go outside. (Justification number 1)

  • Cook: Cooking is one of the mot immediately rewarding art-forms. It is a platform where you create something to immediately get rewarded. (COME ON IT IS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY. OKAY, THAT STARE OF OUR COOK SAYS IT IS, BUT THIS TOPIC IS DIFFERENT). It is not about the rewards too as always, for either you will be rewarded, or you will be motivated! (JUST LIKE IN MY CASE). All the spices, the aroma, the taste and the cheer (ODD WORD OUT, BUT STILL AN EMOTION, BRO, FOOD IT IS!), and the fear of spilling something hot or burning myself helps and arrests (FORCES THE SHIT INSIDE ME) my attention for sure! Be aware, you are playing with fire, like “FUN WITH FIRE” (I JUST SEARCHED FOR SOME GOOGLE PICTURES OF FUN WITH FIRE AND COULDN’T PASTE, YO, BUT THE IMAGE IN MY MOTHERS MIND IS EVEN SCARY!). So, again it is getting inside. (justification number 2)

  • Journal : And I personally prefer to have a dream journal than a normal one (MY BEST FRIEND THINKS A NORMAL JOURNAL IS ONE WHERE WE RECORD THE ALREADY DISTRESSING EVENTS OF LIFE AS IF WE WERE PROPHECISED BY GOD APPOLLO TO BE SOMETHING AND EVERY SINGLE DAY RECORDED IS FOR THE SAKE OF THE HISTORY OF MANKIND). But it depresses me the most. (FOR I WILL BE DEPRESSED AT THE DROP OF A HAT, AND THERE IS NO NEED FOR ANY REASON). I feel things when recorded or spoken out get magnified. It sort of feels to me like journals should be talking about the positive things we have in store for life. (ALL THE FAIRIES AND UNICORNS THAT ARE WAITING FOR ME IN THE WORLD OF KAJSGDDDGDGSNSBVDHJD-LAND.) They should be consoling, filling and alluring. (IDEALLY!) Like, for instance, I talk in my journal about my dream destinations, how I want to spend there , how I will make podcasts of the stories of the people over there, how I will maintain a travel blog (HEY DON’T ASK ME WHAT I WOULD BE DOING IN GENERAL LIFE) and how I would feel content in life (OF COURSE, EVERYTHING WITH AND OF HIM, MY GOD, DID I MAKE AN ENTIRE WRITE UP WITHOUT HIM, OH MY LORD, WE ARE INSEPARABLE, THERE IS NO CONSTANT NEED TO CITE IT, HAHA. I CAN JUSTIFY EVERY STUPID THING I DO!) Creative writing demands a lot of memory (of what you have learnt), imagination (of what you can make out of what you have learnt), coordination (of both) is indeed an involving and a getting-inside a possibility. (Justification 3)

Enough for the very few days, as we don’t even know how many, for too many things practiced at a time will be distressing and barbaric. Baby steps, yes, baby ones!

An Article by G. Venkata Sita Sarojini.

{A Note by Nagendra Sarma: Well, for everything that needs to be told is told already, I have only one thing left: I am glad to feature this light-hearted article penned down by my fiancee on my blog. While the world is fighting a pandemic, living inside shouldn’t be very hard, and I personally prefer the third option here. I wish this helps even you guys. Have a healthy quarantine period!}

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  1. Govardhinee says:

    This is super cool! Adding things apart from our plans.

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    1. Oh, glad you’ve liked it!

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  2. RadheshGorle says:

    A good one Ma’m……really good one….

    And this is how I am spending the curfew Haha

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    1. That’s so awesome, man!

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      1. RadheshGorle says:

        What’s awesome is..
        THE POST!!!

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      2. Haha. She’ll be glad!

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  3. Sravani Rekapalli says:

    Totally agreed… Seems really thoughtful of ideas for this quarantine ♥️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Glad to know you liked these! Thank you!

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  4. Mamta Indoria says:

    Hehehe…these are really amazing ideas…they wont bore you and they will make one’s day great…!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to know you liked them!


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