The Digital and Emotional Dependency in The Modern Era

Motivating Against Motivation – A Ramble on Self-Realization and Self-Confidence as 21st Century Skills.


The essential discussion of the day is regarding the innate potency of human beings to communicate within themselves, we should not deal with such one communication in its narrow sense of conversing, but as an all-encompassing aspect of inspiring, motivating and ruffling the strands of one’s inner self on their own. That is what which can be simplified into this awe-inspiring word ‘self-realization’. Self-realization is what, in-turn, improves the element of self-confidence. Self-confidence is but an abstract idea that can only be felt when the person develops the faculty of introspecting herself/himself through the circumstances she/he is going through, and also by self-analysing their reactions towards those circumstances: All of this, by her/his own.

Now, let us assume that the ideals and idea of self-confidence is also a skill. Then, let us have a mock-conclusion, from our basic level observations, that this skill of being self-confident is highly lacking in this day’s average human-being.


Now arises one notorious conundrum of modern society which has been passing down since the medieval times: the severe inclination of an individual to depend upon someone or something to feel guarded, safe, protected and confident. In an ancient scale, trying to find a shade and hiding in the shade forever doesn’t harm the self-repute or the prospects of better occupation/progress. But in a modern day, it surely does. This contraposition is markedly understood by the youth, and there is a dire need for them to get motivated. But then, who is an entrepreneur? The one who understands the need of the public and monetizes it.

In the modern era of social and mass media, the spread of unsolicited philosophy (ideas that are neither logically proved nor scholarly credentialed by any school of philosophy) and perception towards the daily way of life is being vastly spread. The capacity of printing vast number of books, the ease in creating social media content and publishing them impromptu has paved the path to propagate individual ideals rather than a traditionally accepted and universally acclaimed modes of living. The younger people, who are aspired to learn, and ready to get moulded would fall under the influence of digital media, and without a complete notion – of what is acceptable and what is not in a particular way of life – tries to adapt to the idea, being mindlessly inspired.

The ethical value which every culture bears is the root developed in a particular land, and would be relatable to the people even after a countless generations. The adoption, adaption and adeptness of other ideals might have their own implicated advantages, but the younger generation should be in a position to understand what is an ideal motivation and what is a JUNK.


For aspiring beginners, who have a craving to learn, but wouldn’t know where to begin to be self-motivated, any kind of a medium would help as a stepping stone, and any kind of a quote might kindle the curiosity that might help them to start their journey. But, the whole of the journey needs not to be dependent on it, and it would need a lot more effort, experience, essence and deeper thoughts that can be attained only through Self Relization.

This is an essay the author has used to demonstrate the concept of “Digital and Emotional Dependency in The Modern Era,” at an Engineering College.

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  1. Mamta Indoria says:

    Hahahaha…this is an amazing idea and true even people must read it…great work!!

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    1. Thank you so much, Miss Indoria! I am glad you’ve liked it.

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  2. Mamta Indoria says:

    Hahaha…thankyou…I heard the songs even great, really awesome!!

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  3. Amazing…really. I liked all your posts and the songs..oh my god! They are really awesome, wonderful sir. I am waiting for some other song or post eagerly.

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