La’ Mia Unica Preziosa Signora – An (Audio) Poem of Love, Hope, You and I {A Long Poem of 311 Lines}

La’ Mia Unica Preziosa Signora – The Audio Poem

The Premeditation:

I am practically out of words. Everything that I can be saying was conjured up by this ‘leviathan’ of a poem. Leviathan – haha, the monstrous biblical sea creature, that has fallen to the pit of hell from heavens for rallying against The Almighty and supporting Satan, the rebel – is what I call my love. “A leviathan; you are it,” that’s what I say. The humongous supernatural ability, the deep roots into ancient mythology, the deep diving towards the hellish darkness, oh my god, what not, she really is a leviathan which has manifested itself in her form.

Then, slowly, event after event, I realized, this creature; the girl, is divine, for sure, but then, the doom of the first woman (according to Christian mythology), who truly was the god’s creation, was not left alone by the Evil. She was lured by the evil, and then, was dragged to the doom. This woman, is as divine as Her. And, then, it struck my head, the leviathan is luring her into the terrible and tremendous darkness into which she was getting ready to go. Evil follows Divine. For it is the job of the evil is to destroy anything that is beloved to God. And this woman, I realized in a sun light, is the most beloved of God and so is the most precious of all.

Destiny, fate and Karma; they remain the most discussed and debated other-worldly things in this world. God, no one cares, grace and blessings, we don’t practically need them. The higher-realms of spirituality is of no interest to modern human being. The spiritual reality which concerns this world is our only concern, and that means, the end of our life, the journey of it and the results and repercussions of it. I don’t clam myself so. I am a man out-of-time (like many of us) and the only concern of mine is afterlife, which you might or not believe. This life, I am very conscious, every moment, is going to end, and I get the feeling, very soon! I wish to bring God down here for once, if possible. I don’t crave for anything else, particularly. But then, at some corner of my head, I have a mild curiosity how my life is going to be. How would Karma repay of the things I have done right and wrong. With whom is my destiny tied to and whence am I going to bite the doom?

The question of doom; it is a question of of fantasy, for I know, there could be no practical ‘doom’ for any human who is conscious of the ‘impoverish’ human creature. It would simply happen what is meant to happen, and anything that happens is so minute, and looked at properly, it doesn’t even happen to us. Alright, let’s leave that ramble. The first question, with whom am I going to share this life (in which sense, I think all you romantic people can easily understand – of course, I am half-sure, nothing else would strike your head!), is the most curious question I had. Then, I found the answer:

In a room so dark, trying to break the latches, struggling to break the shackles, waiting with hope deep buried inside the heart, was waiting – for me – the precious woman of all – La’ Mia Unica Preziosa Signora.

Every time the thought of hers’ sprout out in my head, I grow incredibly as a spiritual person, the rational and imaginative levels surge up at once, I become highly conscious of life around me, god dances before before my very eyes. From the normal, merry-to-go guy, I become the man I can only possibly imagine of. From Man, I turn into the theoretical Super Man. Life reaches its brim and flows out of me, craving to reach and fill her too. It is she who does it. She does it even without that knowledge: Before she reached me, I have never seen this ‘me’ whom I become when she is beside me.

To such a woman, who made me. . . . A message. . . .

La’ Mia Preziosa Signora, here is the message:

La’ Mia Unica Preziosa Signora – The Audio Poem

La’ Mia Unica Preziosa Signora – The Poem:

Part 1 – The Fret and Fear:

Preziosa Signora!
Oh, the precious woman of mine,
This world is filled with light,
It shines.
The birds are gliding high,
The precious woman of mine,
Though they surge down when tired,
They always fly high again.
The time, the precious woman of mine,
Is the ultimate healer;
It would soothe the pains,
Cure the wounds,
And fades the scars out away:
The earth has seen a million flowers fall,
But the plant doesn't weep,
The precious woman of mine,
It waits for the dawn;
Bright sun to shine upon,
And to be drooped in rain,
From the depths of its heart,
From the power that keeps it alive,
The precious woman of mine,
It lets another flower bloom;
The plant makes a room
For a new life,
It doesn't choose its doom,
The precious woman of mine,
It doesn't let the later flowers go ruined!
It might be true that whatever you
Have been through
Has left a lasting impressions of pain,
Dreams of fret and life of fear,
But lets move,
The precious woman of mine,
Like a grove that grew
Vicious fruits,
Life might have brewed venom,
The precious woman of mine;
Sink in the endless waters of mine ,
I swear,
The precious woman of mine,
I'd cleanse off all the pains of thine.
Alright things would be,
And fine our life becomes,
The precious woman of mine,
'Us' it would be, not 'you' or 'I'.
The thorns are fine,
Gayle and storms fly aside,
Pits remain,
We will build our way;
We will not fall astray.
The precious woman of mine,
All the falls lead to one or the other worlds;
But when we're strayed away,
Life's stuck, the precious woman of mine,
And you know it before me;
Grief cuffs away!
So, stay,
What more can I say?
I would claim everything that's in your name;
All the floods and drought,
Of fear and tears will fade away!
It'll totally be okay!
The precious woman of mine,
When you abandon the world to live with me,
I will prove to it that I hold the key,
Which would make you feel
All the things that you've dreamed.
The precious woman of mine,
All your smiles under that starlight
Turn to beautiful fire-flies;
You lit my world with those
Fire-flies that bloom through thee.
The precious woman of mine,
But the brightest of the light would always be,
For me,
The glint of love/life in the eyes of thee.
The precious woman of mine,
If this life's gonna end, let it be,
The gushes that I breath,
Are of no value for me.
Death is but a way that will set us free.
I am never afraid, no,
There was never a spree.
But come, let the time do its things,
Don't rush, no, death is not your king.
I stand here,
The precious woman of mine,
Loving, and you at brink.
Let me be your temple, goddess,
Let me help you breath.
Make me your sanctum, Venus,
Fill that life in me.
Built in heart of mine is your palace, princess,
Conquer all my senses,
Make me thy regime!
The precious woman of mine,
A great romance we would mark,
And let our children have their own story;
Whatever that's they might get;
It is a gift,
The precious woman of mine,
They beget through thee.
We teach them how to make the best out of it;
We stand to make things straight,
If not,
The precious woman of mine,
We love them as they would be.
The love we shower on each other,
The moments that we spend,
Would be written in gold by me,
I would not return you to the sun.
The precious woman of mine,
The babies we make
Are the stars for our eyes and ears;
The symphony they would sing
Is the harmony that they bring.
Hey, the precious woman of mine,
Listen: They say,
Life is one and one it'll be.
If not now, next time?
I don't know; time flees.
Disagreeing, a moment it takes,
But to get you again,
A life time I should wait.
Why such a curse on my head,
The precious woman of mine?
A life time?
To wait and die?
The next time?
Would you be surely mine?
Come tonight, the precious woman of mine;
Come tonight and stay for life;
No, never
I'd say or mime
To leave and fly.
We even might die,
Together - we would shine!
Just BE, the precious woman of mine - Just BE.

Part 2 – The Bird’s Tale:

By the graces of thy muses
I'd try to tell a tale;
A tale that has a few bruises,
But it would surely make you sane:
Once upon a time,
There lived a man in town
That was just beside a jungle,
So with birds and beasts he mingles.
Once upon a day,
He found a bird that's strayed,
He had pity on all creatures,
He took it like a preacher.
He mended the bird so good,
the blue bird flew through the woods,
But it came back to her master,
And didn't go, he was her foster.
Master's heart was glad,
When he knew bird which is clad
In blue can dance and sing,
With amusing tone and ring.
The town has flocked to see
The bird that sings like a dream;
The master was so proud,
And boasted of bird so loud.
The word of bird that sings
Has gone so far and brings
A priest who's so aged;
(Looking at the bird) he was confused as a maze.
"This nightingale is young," he says,
"But its close to death that trails,
Hardly ten more days for the bird,"
The master faints when its heard.
The clouds of gloom have moved his world;
Shook was he and smiled no more.
He sat at home and never did stand,
Time for him was clutched-hard sand.
The bird has sung for no man's joy,
The days have passed and time's no toy;
The bird has died, and then wished he:
If he gets a couple of days to live with she.

Part 3 – The Shackles Break:

The precious woman of mine,
The world has talked of music,
Muses were their talk.
The world has seen many magics,
It's magicians were their gods;
But you, who have filled this heart,
With music that sounds soft,
Like the blissful flute of Sri Krishna,
You lull me into sleep
In which I just see
You and me,
holding hands and smiling
At a far-off bright, blue sea.
The music, its in me;
It's you, the music that's in me.
The music, its in me,
It's you, the music that's in me.
The craving to merge in you,
In you to merge is the craving;
The longing to grow in you,
To grow in you is the longing,
The stars just were born
And gods were weeping
When we, as a part,
Has created a universe of ours.
Let's claim all of those as our kids
Lets call down all our gods
Let's make them eternally sit
Among us and see what would us hit.
Now, the word breaks and racks of heart
Would make your image
That'd wake and
Over-take my dreams
That's fake;
If you forsake me,
The flakes of fires ignites
The lake of mind
Quakes would shake my world.
No, don't retake what's made;
Remake it for my sake,
Don't take away
Don't forsake,
You're my snowflake;
My love, this is an outbreak of my heart;
No, not for namesake;
The snake of my spine would move
Only when I partake you!
The glitter of night would mutter
Of us,
But our
Letters of hearts
Shut those stars up;
The glimmers of eyes
You better hold up,
My feather-like heart would leap and reach you.
Shimmering, shivering,
Warbling and wobbling;
Fanatic I would turn,
Fanatic you would turn,
Fanatic the night becomes;
Give me my baby, baby,
Lets turn ourselves complete.
Stay with me till the end of life,
I'll follow thee in no disguise,
And I would hold your hand,
And, oy, beautiful lady,
I'll not leave your sight or side.
Darkness is what we're fighting, eh?
Light is sure to win;
If light doesn't?
The precious woman of mine,
We both shall stay in dark together,
And make darkness our sweet home.
I with you and you with I,
Doesn't that suffice?
In the warm embraces of each other,
My darkness filled by you,
Your darkness filled by I,
We shall abide;
Till the skies break that Night,
And crumbles earth with light.
Smiles, the precious woman of mine,
Smiles would fill our life,
No matter if it is darkness or that light.
What more can I say,
What more can I sing?
All the songs that's made of love,
It is us they're talking about.
All the stars that're made by gods
Are ours, for us to talk about.
What is there in that void, love?
Come with me,
I will take you Home.
You're the muse of this never ending song,
You're the soul of it as of mine,
May this be the last song I sing,
For this sings of us.
For this sings of us,
I have sung the greatest song of love,
The song of love that's made for you;
When the muses graced me thus,
What more is left for me to do,
Than to claim your life
And give you fruits of
Love that's ours?
I am very sure,
That none's have a clue:
To me, what are you?
I'd say you now, and save in heart,
La' Mia Unica Preziosa Signora,
I love you,
I love you, La' Mia Unica Preziosa Signora,
I love you.
La' Mia (Unica) Preziosa Signora,
If you're there,
You'd keep me sane.
If you're gone away,
I'd become a saint;
I plead you to stay,
A home we would make.
"If you're there,
You'd keep me sane,
If you'd be gone,
I'd be a saint,
La' Mia Unica Preziosa Signora!"

Thank you,
My Muse.

La' Mia Unica Preziosa Signora

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Simply wonderful!

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    Beautiful one….just awesome!!


  3. Amazing…they all are wonderful.


    1. I’m glad you liked them!


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