In the Quest of Light #2: Tyres, Trains and Tears.

Srikanta | Nagendra/Sarma/Indra/Wicky – The Author | Sravan

. . . . Cntd of #1

Chapter 6:

It is a need that I pay my orison to the one who is watching everything that is happening. Who knows it all than Him who has commenced me into this journey? There are a thousand times we both (I and my woman) have thought that it is a sign I am in her life and this accident can only be a cosmic or divine interjection and nothing else. It was a seemingly impossible collision and yet it has happened, and how, no one can ask and no answer can be given. It has just happened and that is all. I am here.

I was there. I was outside the house of Srikanta’s. That morning I woke up at two in the morning and completed my daily routines. That day my japam was much focused and living. I want the energy of the Goddess to flow in my veins this time. I didn’t know where I was going and I want to return back with the Light possible. Bags packed and confidence strengthened, we both (I and Srikanta) got down at the call of Sravan. He was coming in his car along with his dad. His dad would drop us at the bus complex and then leave.

I came down and Srikanta followed. I, for once looked at the sky. The half crescent moon. My One wearing it in the sky. I never asked Him anything and even now, I wouldn’t. I will not. Is it not Him who knows what’s better and what’s not for me? Is it not Him who would take me into His arms with love later? Mine, it will follow. Isn’t it His path I have threaded with eyes closed till now? I was there, wouldn’t He take further? Wouldn’t He come in between to let me live and survive? He has taken care of all that has happened till then in my life. What is the destruction that would be done without His will and what is the good I am going to yield without His grace? When they both got Him, what difference would it be with the result? I say, give me anything You want to, I would take it as Your gift. In return? What is it that is given to Him and what is it that is not given to Him when everything is His and everything is Him? Like, in words I read in a friend’s recent status: He has lit the whole sky with stars, what is there for me to light for Him? Instead, I ask him in return; light the Light in me so that the prevailing darkness would perish away. Then I realize how to light it. Is it not His name that lights the Light?

I bow my head.

I feel a hand blessing me and caressing my hair.

I smile. I know.

Chapter 7:

The car was at the end of the street and we both walked with our luggage. We thought to workout with three bags, but with everything, it was a four bags’ luggage. Three school-bag-packs and one travel bag, of Sravan’s. We got into the car and we wished each other and talked of well being and readiness to go for the journey. My parents don’t know about the tour, so it is well and done. No need to answer anyone. But then Sravan and Srikanta’s parents need to know what’s happening and where we were going. Keeping that aside, TLD – the learning space Srikanta and Sravan has set up together – students need to be given a reason what was happening. So, Srikanta and Sravan thought of what would be a good reason to give them all. And when Srikanta told me the reason, I was laughing out in amusement.

“Do you know what we told our parents?” he asked.

I felt sorry; I didn’t even think of it. “What is it?” I asked, genuinely eager.

“We told that we are all going to IIT Chennai. For a Mathematics Workshop.”

I was awestruck with a surprised smile.

“And they bought it?”

“Yeah, we gave a lot of hype, like, it is very important.”

“You told the same to the students?”

“Yes,” he was almost laughing.

But I couldn’t stop my excitement. “IIT Chennai and you? My god.”

“Then what else do you think we can say? Summer-end holidays?”

So, for every one on this planet, the trip is for them and I was going with them. But in reality, which is known only for three of us, my woman, Ravi and Usha Kiran, it is my adventure and I am thankful these guys joined me in the name of friendship even though nothing personal of theirs is involved in it. Nah, nah, sorry. Friendship is pretty personal, isn’t it? If you stretch it long: What’s more important than friendship? [Of course, I would kill it if it comes in my girl’s way, but still, friendship too is pretty important, you see.]

Sravan anna complained about the number of bags. The reason of bringing the travel bag is to get the luggage down to two bags and still there were four. But then, you would learn about another precious person: Srikanta’s mom. The one who fed me for a year has stuffed a bag full of eateries. I can’t name them in English, but all the South Indian junk food is in a bag and in one bag we kept the electronic things: my laptop (a compulsion), A DSLR Camera which we have managed to get from Pratibha’s friend, all our mobile chargers, a power-bank (which was useful like heavens) and finally my Amazon Kindle, which I didn’t use at least once. Actually, I didn’t even remember that I was carrying it.

Sravan’s father dropped us at the bus stop and left. The bus to Vishakapatnam was ready. We got on. I and Sravan anna sat side by side. Srikanta sat in the seat just beside us and had his Bluetooth-BOAT headphones on with some songs. The previous evening Sravan anna asked me if I got shoes with me. I said I didn’t. He warned me of the cold catching our feet in Kodai and the mountains around. I called Ravi and asked him to bring my shoes to the railways station in the morning. Sravan brought a spare shoe pair for Srikanta. He even brought a spare belt, which would be stolen by me by the end of this adventure! He talked of his experiences from his previous journeys and they are highly interesting. He talked about a few do’s and don’ts. With a half-heart I listened to them. I didn’t care about them much only for one reason: I don’t need to know. All I want to do is to go somewhere, which place, I don’t know, and I should find the place, find the herb, get it, I should not be caught by the police, and I should return back alive to my woman. I need not know about anything about travelling essentially. And, anything which I think I need not know doesn’t get my attention at all.

But Sravan was more into me than anything about me. He was coming for me, not for my love. He is coming to make sure that I will return back alive from this reckless journey. He doesn’t care if this turns out into a successful one or a disaster: all he cares is if I come back home safely with a satisfied heart. If my satisfaction takes me to find the herb, he would help me find it, and that is all.

“If I come to your home, what would she be to me?” Sravan would ask, there days later under an external influence.

“I don’t know, my wife, simply,” I said. “Why do you ask?”

“To give you my sense,” he says and he goes on explaining his insanely selfish theory. “If I come to your home, she, as your wife would give me a cup of tea or a coffee and then I would ask how she is, formally. That’s it, right?”

“Yes, may be, that is it.”

“Hardly I would ask her how your children are doing. Would I ask anything other than that?” Srikanta was already laughing and I nod with a smile. “Then what does it matter for me whom you marry? You wouldn’t be marrying my sister for sure.” Even I was laughing. “But you. I have to look at your face all your life. I have to be with you; be it as a brother or a friend, I would be with you. I will do anything for you. Anything. For only you.”

That was his philosophy behind helping me. I simply hugged him and told him how thankful I am to have his company.

“It is fine. If she is what makes you happy. Let’s bring her to your home, and that is all.” Was his answer.

He kept on revising the tour plan and slowly I slipped down into sleep, while Srikanta with his headphones on slept in his place. All I thought was about my woman. What else would I have in my head except that? I simply took out a few every day incidents and imagined how they would be with her.

The first idea:

“Oyyiiee,” I would call with a masculine tone.

“Ha ji,” she would say in a feminine voice.

“Turn the channel,” I would say and she would run and change the channel for me. Hehehaa! “Increase the volume,” I would order and she would do it. “Too much,” I would say and she will get it down. “Good,” I will say and she will blush happily.


Or, I have another idea:

“Gold-uu,” I would call her getting into the house, from the office, say.

“I was waiting for you,” she would say, walking towards me affectionately.

“I brought ice cream for you,” I would say, in a lovely tone.

“Hey,” she gets excited and tries to garb it.

I would yank it back and I would say, “Nah, nah, nah. Give me what that is I want and take what that is yours.”

She would blush for a moment.

Next . . .

Ayyaababbooyyyy . . . On cheek. . . Kisssseeeeee!


Grand success!

The bus stopped at the Vishakapatnam railway station and Sravan woke me up. I wasn’t totally asleep so I was ready. Srikanta too woke up just then and we got down the bus.

Then was when Srikanta had made the comment that would become the true fruit for him in the journey. “Nagendra, I have something to tell you,” he said. And I was all ears for him. “Before this trip ends, I want to do some mischief which I didn’t do till now.”

So, when a rash person says such a thing, we can expect what the person would be doing. But a person like Srikanta, who hasn’t done anything reckless in life says it, it is very hard to place what that would be. He never smoked, never took a sip of alcohol, never misbehaved with any woman, hardly never even boycotted his duty (apart from now and on the day End Game released). What would he do? And what did he even do till now? Nothing.

“What’s that you want to do?”

He didn’t even take a moment’s gap. “If you give me your support,” he said, “I will propose at least to a single girl in this whole trip.” I laughed out loud and said I surely would help him. He was excited. “Sure? I really want to do this one thing, at least.”

“If you like someone, tell me. You shall do it. Sure.” I simply said.

But then, we couldn’t expect what kind of a beautiful love story Srikanta would be weaving by the end of this terrific journey.

Chapter 8:

I called Ravi and he brought my shoes. It was around 5:30 in the morning and we found ourselves an upper-berth in the general compartment of Janmabhoomi. We all had fun in the remaining twenty minutes. Till then I was broody, thinking out loud about my woman, but then I decided; the overt seriousness would drain all my energies and make the trip and adventure a lifeless one. So, I started laughing out loud; living the moments. Anyhow I would bring the hope I want for my woman, then why to be dull about it? I thought I would celebrate the moments, but still, somewhere in the heart anxiety would lurk in, I know.

Sravan took his phone out and took the first picture. He said he would keep it as a status in Instagram. He said he wants to capture the whole journey in his Insta status’. I asked weather people would get a doubt about our adventure. We don’t wanna get exposed. At least I don’t want people to go hustle bustle to know who the woman is. But Sravan said strongly that we all would stand on a single word about the story and we don’t care what people believe.

We all had a good laugh and good fun.

We agreed on it!

After a few moments, the train started. Ravi bid me all the best, for who knows the pain of mine better than him? I simply said I would come back with success. We three took a moment at the door of the train and sat in the place we have.

The train was filled with rural India. So beautiful yet so crude at the same time. I had a great time in midst of the bustling crowd screaming at each other, making abusive fun and making out hell for any civilized person. One woman even brought her puppy dog along, in the train and hung the dog to the luggage hanger in a bag. I, without knowing that kept my legs on that bag. When I got to know that there was a puppy stuffed in it. . . my god!

We decided that we wouldn’t use phones much, for we got a huge journey ahead and we need the charging, at least for emergencies.

 I gave Srikanta my Kindle, the only time when it was properly useful. Sravan said he would go through Harry Potter in his mobile, connecting it to the power bank if needed. Then I decided that I would finish my School journal #7, which I was postponing from many days. I couldn’t dare or muster up courage to complete it. It would simply fill me up with emotions and in return move the students who read it. I don’t want that to happen. But then, I don’t wanna record this journey without properly finishing the previous one.

The School Journal #7 should be done and then I need to begin this. This should be done immediately because, I want to take my woman into the journey with me. I couldn’t bring her physically, but then, I want to present this in the most accessible form to her, so that even she would travel with me and be with me in the journey.

I began the school’s journal. It took me three hours to get it done. I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I published it. The reaction, as expected, was tremendous. A few were moved into tears. A few came to me for solace, but most of them scolded and screamed at me. Haha! They screamed at me saying that I was reminding something which they want to forget. Ha! They said they are missing it too much and they wanna move on in life. Haha! Kids! Moving on in LIFE! I am going through a terrific process to understand what life is, and they are already moving on with it. Haha. Anyway, it felt so good.

A duty done.

The next journey ready to get recorded.

For my woman.

In the meanwhile, Srikanta was struggling to select what he wants to read. He asked me to suggest something in my Kindle. Properly seen, I have more than 800 world class novels and hundreds of other books in my device. He was in the mythology section. But my mythology selection would have subjects of Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Danish, Norse and Polynesian myths, and may be a few samples of Indian, which I don’t prefer reading on a Kindle. That, I have a whole selection of physical books in my personal library. So, I told him I would refer him a novel instead. He said that would be great. I went through and thought The Hunger Games would suit him better. From the first page, he began enjoying it.

This is important, see.

After reading for a few pages, Srikanta asked me, “Who is the writer bro?”

I simply said, “Suzanne Collins,” and I added, “Woman.” No, I am not a misogynist. I just don’t want anyone to refer anyone with a wrong gender. Like, I don’t want Srikanta to call Ms Collins as ‘he’ or ‘him,’ that’s all.

He looked at the book very seriously for a moment and made a remarkable comment: “She is really good at adjectives bro.”

Haha. I sat frozen for a moment with shock. ”Ah, so you say Suzanne Collins is good at ADJECTIVES?”

“Yes bro. Really good adjectives.”

“See, let’s me ask you properly. YOU are complimenting SUZANNE COLLINS as good at ADJECTIVES?”

“Yes bro, that’s what I am saying. She got a great future.”

“She had,” Actually, I had enough. “She made tons of millions already through her books. She is a world’s favorite author.”

“Oh,” he was silent for a moment and then he added, “Then she got a great past bro!”

I decided I will not prolong it anymore!

Chapter 9:

By afternoon, we reached the station of Vijayawada. We thought of a while and decided we would take the AC waiting hall. The price was affordable. We took the waiting hall, opened the packages parceled with love by Srikanta’s mom and ate till we were filled at stomachs. There was nothing we would do. We got an hour’s time and we used it to charge our electronic accessories.

The first step of the journey was done. We need to reach Chennai from Vijayawada and then, we need to join Srikanta’s friend and stay in his room and then, start early in the morning to Dindigul. We would get down at night again and start to Kodaikanal and reach the place by early morning. That was the plan, but who knows what was going to happen, by then.

There was not a moment my lady was out of my mind, but as I mentioned it before, I should not expose my emotions outside. Then I thought, I would set up some random woman to Srikanta and it would fill my head with a bit fun and stay as a distraction; minute it might be. There was a girl in the waiting hall. I saw her, but she looked too heavy for Srikanta to propose. Alright, I thought, the journey was just about to start.

When it was our train’s time, we once used the restrooms to fresh ourselves and packed our devices back in the bag-packs and headed towards the train.

This walk has commenced towards the most remarkable love story Srikanta ever would be in.

Chapter 10:

She is a fine woman. Not a woman or a lady yet, but yeah, a beautiful girl; that phrase would fit. I stared at her for long periods of time in middle, for, she got the same identical eyes as my woman. Not as droopy or as beautiful as my woman’s, but yeah, very identical. She smiles wide and energetic, and she is not afraid to express herself through her face. The name is Archana and she calls herself Anu. She was going to Nellore – her home town – from Guntur. She was a student of Guntur NRI. This is the woman who is going to steal our math teacher’s heart.

We should be getting into the second-seater compartments. We ran through the platform and when we saw new compartments, we were excited. “What’s our compartment number?” someone asked Srikanta and he said it was D2. We strode across and found that D2 was the only compartment that was old. We were in distraught. “Come one, why does this happen only to us?” Srikanta complained getting in.

We three got in and checked for our places. Here, a thing needs to be mentioned. All the new compartments are row-seaters, like we sit behind someone and we don’t know behind whom we are sitting or who is sitting behind us. But this old compartment is the only one in which seats face each other; like we sit in for a meeting and have a nice talk. We found the places and adjusted ourselves. We were very excited. We made a hell of noise. They both continuously made fun of my relationship and me, while I struck back at plausible issues. A guy sat before us along with a mother holding a little baby. We spent time enjoying ourselves and playing with the baby. Lucky was his name, and he played a role without his own consent.

After the train started, when we were in our casual talks, entertaining the people around us, this woman came, along with a guy and sat before us. We were alert. Sravan was casual and didn’t bother much, but I remember the word Srikanta has told me and I observed him. He was observing her. So, yeah!

Suddenly, Srikanta became more conscious of what he was talking and how he was behaving and fun he was working out. The girl didn’t bother. I am pretty sure she would have seen a lot of that. Srikanta started energetically playing with Lucky and was peeping at the girl to check if she was noticing him or not. Alright, she was casually watching. That was a good start enough. As time went by, Srikanta got an opportunity to make an impression:

There was a quarrel in the compartment regarding the seat placements. Srikanta took it up to our surprise. He stood up and started settling the issue. I didn’t understand what he was doing. But there was a problem: every one involved in the issue were of Hindi origin.

“Yeh uska seat HAI!” Srikanta started and it was awkward already. “Nahi, nahi, yeh nahi. Woh. Ha. Yeh hamara seat HAI. Woh tumhara seat HAI. Yeh iska seat HAI!” The Hindi was pathetic, but the girl was smiling. Oblivious to all this, Sravan tried to contribute in the middle.

“I know Hindi, I will help,” he would say and Srikanta would simply brush off.

“I know Hindi,” he would say seriously and begin again. “I can do it. Okay. Yeh nahi, woh woh. HA. Woh.” The people with whom he was talking were not able to understand what he was talking, but he didn’t let anyone talk. They insisted to explain properly and he started repeating the same obscure sentences again and again with a louder voice and slow pace, with a sincere expression of explanation. Still they didn’t get it for a very long time. But at last, he managed somehow with his broken-Hindi and semi-Telugu and a few gestures.

But by the end of all this, the girl was already laughing and that was a good sign which would pave for a better path in the next few moments.

Through little snippets, we got to know that the girl would get down at Nellore. We had nearly two hours by then. There were a few moments of silence, but something should be done. In the meanwhile, while I was passing Srikanta once, to wash my hands, he caught hold of me and told me that he liked this girl immensely and wanna get close to her.

“Yeah? Sure?” I asked.

“You tell me. How do you think she is?”

“Come on, she is okay. What do you think? Do you think this is the girl whom you should propose?”

“I think yes, man,” he said; nervousness oozing through his veins.

I was sincerely thinking of a way how to initiate a conversation between Srikanta and this girl. All of a sudden, Srikanta started. “Array, do you know what Photosynthesis is?” I didn’t know what he wants to do with it. It was a stupid strategy to impress her – with knowledge. He started explaining Photosynthesis and we both acted like we were highly impressed with it. She tried to contribute, but didn’t.

Again, there was silence. This time something proper should be done.

“Array do you know what Atmospheric Pressure is?” I was shocked at the mere stupidity of this guy. I didn’t want to offend him right in front of the girl. I and Sravan decided to let him talk whatever he wants to. And he talked what he wanted to.

Again, there was a silence. The time is running. Something proper should be done.

Then, it was a miracle how this idea crossed his head.

“Let us play Ludo,” he said, and it was a strategy for us, but a good game for Sravan. He was totally oblivious of what was going on. Sravan opened his mobile and we three started to play. In the beginning the girl didn’t pay any interest, but slowly she started watching the game.

Sravan was pretty excited about the game and he was whooping at his success. Srikanta was waiting and I was doing the same. At the right point, “I don’t wanna play,” I simply said and quit. So, Sravan and Srikanta were in the play and there is a place for two more people to play. This girl and the guy with her were watching the game and I simply asked, “Would you like to play?”

She thought for a moment and agreed. I was all sadistic-smiles inside. It worked out.

Since the beginning, there was a little tension between us regarding the guy who came with this girl. Who he was, we didn’t know. Srikanta was pretty nervous thinking about the worst possibilities. But when they began the game of Ludo, the girl addressed him as a brother and Srikanta was all sadistic-happy again!

The time was beautiful. She sat right beside Srikanta and the game was good. But the two most oblivious persons were Sravan and this girl’s brother – Gowtham. Sravan displayed his competitive spirit and even Gowtham was very anxious to win the game somehow. But in the meanwhile, Srikanta was throwing his smiling arrows towards the girl. She didn’t feel discomfort, but at the same time, not inviting. She smiled back casually.

Srikanta was all nervous. “How much time do you have to reach the station?” he asked them a hundred times, again and again for every five minutes. She patiently answered every time. Again, and again, Srikanta would push Sravan’s head down and we both would hide behind Sravan and discuss the plan of action. Sravan didn’t even bother what we were talking; involved in the game.

“Still we got fifty minutes,” Srikanta would whisper.

“Yeah, yeah, be patient,” I would say in return.

“Array, I am very nervous re,” he would say with a crying-like expression.

“Be cool, let’s see, we got time,” I would say and we would disperse.

The girl observes all this with a frown and a smile on her face. She almost knows what was happening, and we both would simply smile at her.

“Array I got three SIXES in a row,” Sravan would comment and we would encourage him in his game.

The game ran for a very long time, and the time almost melted down to the last fifteen minutes, and we don’t even know her name. Then Sravan helped. He, in his game spirit, gave a handshake to the guy and asked his name casually. He said it was Gowtham and immediately we asked what the name of this girl was. “Anu,” she said, and we again hid behind Sravan.

“You don’t worry,” I was caressing Srikanta. “We got the name. You just get the surname we will find her on Facebook.” I gave my million-dollar idea to him.

“Are you sure will it work out?”

“Hey, just get the surname bey,” I said and we came out.

“What happened bro?” Sravan asked then.

“Nothing, nothing,” I said.

“No, what is it?” He insisted and was grabbing the girl’s attention.

I didn’t know what to do, “Ah, we are talking about our accommodation at Chennai,” I said and the girl was listening.

“What about our accommodation?” he asked again.

“Ah, it is a bit clumsy, I will explain you later. What about the game?” I asked, and he enthusiastically started explaining about the game. I was relieved.

After a while, in the middle of the game, she simply asked, “Where are you going?”

Srikanta was obviously the first to reply, “I can’t say it,” he said, looking at me. I gestured, it is alright. I never thought she would come along with him later. I thought my secret would just simply be lost.

Srikanta then said, “I will tell you indirectly,” and he started giving clues regarding the place where we were going.

“Kodaikanal,” she said at the end.

Immediately, he asked her, “What is your name madam?”

“Archana Varma,” she said, doubtfully.

“So, yes, Archana Varma gaaru is so intelligent that she could guess the place. Great.”

The time ran down to the last ten minutes, again Sravan did something miraculous. Srikanta could ask the name, but without a surname it is as hard as fishing for a particular sea creature in the ocean. Then, Sravan all of a sudden talked about TLD and said that we even have a website. I don’t know how that topic came out, but somehow it worked out.

“I don’t know about websites, does it have an Instagram account?” she asked, innocently.

“It doesn’t,” Sravan said, and then the conversation grabbed my attention. “But we have,” he said, very casually.

“Even I have one,” she said and stopped.

A momentary silence.

Srikanta looked at me with wide eyes and before anything can be said, “What is it?” he asked.

She spelled out the account’s name. We all took the phones out and like tourists finding oasis in a desert, found her immediately on web.

Girl Secured!

Mission Accomplished!’

Thanks to Sravan – The Ludo Master!

Chapter 11:

The station was there and the girl got down. Srikanta tried to peep for a while and then again joined our seats with despair struck face.

“Array, when the game is going on seriously, why do you think of accommodation re?” Sravan said, amusing me. “If there is a problem with accommodation, I would take care, wouldn’t I?”

Then is when I got it. “So, you don’t know?”


“What’s happening till now, you don’t know anything about it?”

“What happened till now?”

“You are simply awesome bro!”

“Array, someone tell me what happened re!”

Before I could answer, Srikanta fell upon us and said in a mesmerizing tone. “Man, I think I fell for her.”

“Who?” Sravan asked.

“Array, that girl re! You are seriously playing Ludo as if it is an international game. But a lot of chemistry worked out here!”

“Really?” he asked, with a surprised expression.

“Maava!” Srikanta cajoled, and I was sure the world was all pink for him. “I think she is the one maava!”

“Yeah, yeah, sure.” I was saying. “Sure, she is the one.”

“Are you sure?” he was all drug-like. “Sure?”

“Ah, I mean, yeah, yeah, she is the one, man.” I was thinking what to say. “I am sure she is born for you.”

He looked at me suspiciously, “You lying rascal, you say the same with everyone you see.”

“No, no,” I tried to reassure him. “She waited for us to ask her ID re.”


“No, no. I mean, you. For you to ask her ID.”

“You sure?”

“Array, I saw love oozing in her eyes, man.”

He again looked suspiciously.

I laughed out and took him near. “She is the one, man. You found her in the journey. There is no doubt about it. She is the voice.” I said, genuinely. He was thankful for the assurance and it reflected in his warm hug.

From then on Srikanta a became a headache for us. He would sing rubbish songs with lyrics wrong; he would dance in vests and shorts in rooms, he would hold our shoulders and say lovely things to us imagining her.

The whole journey was on another scale for myself and Sravan and was totally different for Srikanta. It was like a love-holiday for him. He saw a girl, fell in love, and with no work to do, he simply enjoyed the flavor of love for four days on the cloud-clad mountains.

It was fun for me. I was happy. It filled me with good vibes. It gave me something to look up at the time of despair to fill my face with smiles. Ha, something lovely should always happen around, don’t you think? If not, how would I step forward with all this on my mind and in my heart?

. . . CNTD!

Chapter 13:

With all the excitement I was ready to get down in Chennai. That would be half the journey. From there we need to go to Dindugul and from there Kodai.

In Chennai, something that would strengthen me much more would be waiting and I can be sure this day; without that, I am sure, yes, I might go there, but would never return.

{In the Quest of Light #3: Mist, Mountains and My Muse}

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