The School Journal #6 – The Dawning Climax!

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The Teacher’s Note!

This was supposed to be a really happy episode of this nearing-the-ending journal series, but the moment I kept the sub-title ‘The Dawning Climax,’ my god, haha, the end is nearing, and I suddenly became conscious of it. But let us not talk about that now.

The Prologue:

Today (19/02/2019), when I called Gunjan out of the class to explain how pain differs and how its implications differ, I thought of how to explain such a subtle concept to that little head. Then, I kept it, “Gunjan, there are two types of making someone cry; one is, someone crying because of us, and the other, someone crying for us. If someone is crying because of us, it means, we have hurt them very deeply, the other, someone crying for us, it means, there is an indispensable bond between us. So now Gunjan, tell me, are the people in the class crying because of me, or for me?”

Haha, Gunjan gives a really good turn-away-smile and in it, she expresses her understanding, “For you sir,” she said, and then, I snapped and with a cocky smile I said, “Then what, it is a great thing!”

This scene has become the crux of one of the best days of my teaching career. Primarily because, it, not just to Gunjan, but even to me explains how deeply we are all connected, and that reminds me of how blessed I am.

What great day can I find other than this to bring out the next segment of this defining journal?

The Tale Talks:

Part 1:

How many things have happened and how many times my mood has swung from one end to the other, I can’t place the number properly. The events, I can’t describe the whole. The more I think, the more things are striking my head. There is 10D2, as always; that is what defines this journal as a whole. They are the reason, but then, there came in a few more things which need to be documented and saved or secured as long as possible. Mehek Ancharya stands in the first place. At one time, this little girl of third class has transcended the limits of 10D2 and there were days when I solely came to school to just talk to her in the lunch break for fifteen minutes. When the talk’s done, I would look out to talk to her on the next day.

How wildly do children love someone if they once start loving! It amazed me. I talked of this at many places and at many people, and I don’t wanna forget it. The love between elders is pretty meek, it is too small and has too many constraints that it can be hidden. It can be concealed in the wraps of deceit. But it cannot be done for children. It is visible; widely visible. The friendship I and Mehek had, it was evident to the whole school. Teachers and staff asked me not be friendly with her as they thought she was gaining a lot of confidence from it, I only saw a child’s freedom which is a must in my sense of real human nature. Recklessness and confidence are enough. if someone wanna isolate a kid just because they cannot control the kid, it is pretty much against the terrain of expounding human nature and very example for the disastrous teaching method of making robots. We are freaking humans!

I strongly believed, what Mehek was at me is the real her what she always wants to be. By scaring the kid, by frightening her with frowns and physical strength, they chained her. I gave her utter freedom. She many times ran towards my class in the lunch break when I didn’t meet her on time. She is love. I vaguely remember a complaint that when some teacher or a P.E.T called Mehek and warned her not to meet me or talk to me, she turned towards her friend Labdhi and said, “Do not worry, Nagendra sir will take care!” Hahahaa, I imagine the look on the teacher’s face and it fills me with tears of happiness.

That is pretty much what I do in 10D2. I don’t wanna shout, don’t wanna scream, I just wanna see how they would be if they are left as they really are. They make hell of a noise, right, a lot, like heavens breaking down from skies or something, and I just stand stand there wondering if they’ll ever stop, and those idiots wouldn’t even recognize me. Keeping recognizing aside, if they get to know that they are wondering me, they get excited, these loud voice people kill me by making fun out of me. Totally!

This day, I joined my hands before Shreeya to stop talking for a while. I pleaded Gunjan to stop and Kavya is like a fisher-woman fighting in the market or something. I made Sakshi to shut up before she could even speak. In this stream, boys are total awesome, everyone just got bass voices, so not audible at all. They make rumble, hardly will take me a couple of claps to get them together.

I think, this time I will talk about the guys in my class. I would describe them in a single term: CUTE! Haha. Cute like hell. They are emotional, very nice people. They abide by anything that is said by the person they love. They think a lot. They love a lot. They get moved a lot. A lot pretty much a lot! Haha!

I remember their faces when I talked about the glory of Queen Elizabeth, they instantly fell in love with her, haha. I talked about children dying without food all over the world, they immediately made a plan how to resolve such an issue in their surroundings. When I told them how Mehek and I were driven apart by a stupid promise and her rubbish nobility, they were so moved that there was a strange determination among them that they will convince the little girl and make her talk to me again. Haha!

Part 2:

{After starting this blog, before I could complete this, the last teaching day of the school has come, and so, the dynamics of the blog would change obviously}

It would kill me if I get to know that anyone of them has gone astray and fallen into wrong paths. That is the prime reason why I have made them do the three promises in the class, on the last day. It is a must. They should follow it now.

{I hate it when an idea takes this long to get rounded off. I need time man. Pcch, I am wondering. I have a laptop and if I am careful, I am probably going to use it for the next ten years. I have this phone in which I have this cheap Airtel internet which I use as hotspot and use this laptop and through this blog man I am able to express all my emotions; I just don’t understand why I should not quit all the things I should be doing and just simply pour out all my emotions which I experience all the time. I just don’t understand why I should not be doing a job which would emotionally stimulate and keeps me completely alive. NOTHINGNESS is losing meaning these days. The leisure which has let all the saints and scholars of nature understand The Mother better is now seen as a sin, my god! Being at leisure is wasting time, and I don’t understand what utilizing time means anyway. Ha, may be my mistake; I have become a more emotional guy, like an idiot rather than a social person. I am pretty sure I am going to suffer a lot of people.}

The school lost the meaning man. Every step I am taking, it is the place where I played with my people. What an experience. Painful, alright, but great. I am not a teacher, that’s where the problem arose. I went in like a friend, and I taught them like a friend, I didn’t take out any bad impressions on anyone under any circumstance, and that made them all fine and all lovey to me and because they seemed perfect to me, I fell for them, but because they are students they would move on to the next phases of life. Collective Love! Love not for a person, not for a reason, but for an idea. The idea of them that’s all.

I think, or I have a really strong feeling that I did a mistake by not updating the journal since long. Hm, a heap of good things lying behind and I couldn’t possibly talk about them all. But I wish I have a little more time now; not just to spend time with them, but to do something for them: to do much better, to teach them more and more effectively. To make them laugh again, my god, for one last time!

I miss the way I used to tell them stories. I don’t know, or I miss the way they used to listen. I don’t know if they are that perfect or I am just romanticizing them in my head. Nah, nah, I know. Even today in the exam hall, Rishita, Keerthi, Roshini, Rashmita, haha, and the way Shreeya opens up and makes noise is beautiful. But when I started to tell them the meaning of my name and the story behind my ‘Sarma’ tag, they are at the utmost attention. I said the story behind my signature to Rishita, and I could see the wonder on her face, contemplating how stupid I can be! They’d listen to me, and I like an idiot was absent on the last day. They all pinged me to tell me how much they missed me, but why for them to say, I know it already But I was sleeping like an idiot at house at the time they were striding all over the school to find me.

Now, when I am trying (my best) to teach these new classes, it is like, I am not able to find contentedness inside me, man. I am able to feel it, and no, no, I don’t blame these kids, they are fantastic, but I am not. I am a precocious idiot. I am a stupid guy who sticks into the past; who has a lot of nostalgia, who has a terrible tendency to stick to past and never come out. Once, I saw an ideal girl and every other is like dead to me, just because of her idea. Just now I am opening up, of course, I am feeling well now. Just like that, once I have seen the perfect or ideal class of mine. I found it on the first attempt and then, my god, all the other classes, they, being classes of their own are not just classes for me, and I always unconsciously or subconsciously am comparing those classes to mine.

It is not like these new children love me. No, they were waiting since an year and they have been pleading me from months to opt their class the next year. Now, they got me. There are people who love me even before I entered their classes. They were clapping hands when I confirmed that I am their English teacher. A few requested me to come to their class, but I couldn’t and they felt bad and then I promised that I will take special classes for them and then they are pretty happy. Love is not a thing that I ever am deprived of. I find it all the time, everywhere, and at everyone, but then, am I able to love is the question!

Don’t take it for arrogance, please! It is just like I get rooted into something and I cannot bring my heart out of it for a very long time. In this Big Class, where all the flaws of kids seem just simply like their nature and not as their drawbacks, the environment was so perfect for me, now any other place seems incomplete without them. While I am writing this I am remembering Sanjay, Govardini and Naga Harshini, I can’t say why.

Part 3:

The greatest moments of the past couple of months would be so many, I can’t name them all. For we consciously know that parting is inevitable, the emotions have raised up and many barriers have broken down. Keeping kids apart, the three prime memories would be these:

Bhanumathi ma’am, one day left a slip on my table, “Nagendra, stay after your class, I would like to talk how you weave magic in your classroom.” Haha, when I read it, it really gave a wide spread smile. I was happy, I sat down for a while and went to my class. That evening, she strode into our co-coordinators room, and the way she expressed her awe is wonderful. So, when she was taking a class for all the tenth classes, when she asked the to name a person who stood as their motivation and inspiration, a few started naming my name, haha, she felt suspicious, and then, she asked all the students to raise hands for whom Nagendra sir is the motivation and inspiration. Guess what, haha, I claimed all the hands. She, with wide eyes, in her animated expression stated, “What are you doing man? You say supplementary reader is the most important text book, and you say we learn more about life and world from stories in which world ends, what are you filling their heads with? We are doing all the right things and they hate us, and if they are loving you so much, it means you are doing something wrong inside!” Before I could answer, she added, “I wish I had a teacher like you in my classroom!” that man, that filled my heart like hell. The snows of heaven filed my heart and I was the most satisfied person ever was there.

I went front towards her, and I said something, which I wish I can remember but which I don’t (Keerthi knows why I don’t remember things!) – But I told something like, “I would take my students till the ends of sky and I would never stop till then,” and then she folded her hands with a smile saying, “You have impressed so many people till now, are they not enough? Why are you targeting me?” Haha, that lady is lovely, lovely, lovely like hell!

Keep this aside, I would now record a thing which would stand alone all my life as the one greatest experience in school life. Generally, the 9th and 10th Parents Teacher Meeting is a heaven for me. Parents come, and talk as if they are my neighbors, and I do a great deal of fun with them; some of them laugh, and some of them make fun in return. In those who make fun in return, Gunjan’s mom stands aloof. She’s awesome! I meet a lot of concerned parents and I make them feel eased and comfortable. I do not sell lies, that’s not my way; I will simply say that the student is good and good enough with what he/she got and there is no need to worry about it. I will just say, this little setback at the school is not going to define their lives. With truth made comfortable, they leave happily.

Coming to the thing: On the last day, just like all the time, these parents come and I have a great time and then, at last one concerned and funny parent came. She talked of all her doubts, she asked what would be good for the student to opt in the future. And at last, after a great time, she stands up and says, “My child used to be very weak in language, but now she is very interested and has improved a lot. . .” after that she couldn’t do English. She said, in her tongue, “There duwa ke wajah se,” (Because of your blessings/grace) and she raised her hands and joined before me. My man, my man, eyes filled up like a flood is flooding a pool, man, I lowered my eyes, evidently I didn’t want her to see my emotion and I too joined my hands standing up, and I didn’t speak a word. She thanked me again, and then left.

I would not forget it for life, man!

Part 4:

But when talking of love, there are a few things that I need to mention: The prime and the most important would be The Girls Book! All these girls in the class; all 32 members, they brought in a complete whole book, in which everyone, everyone wrote what I am to them! My god. By expressing that in this post, I cannot probably insult it. That would be something which I will save, secure and carry till the ends.

But then, I should mention that I am engaged in this year, haha, with a student: Ahmed Shah. This idiot, he called me in, I didn’t have class that day, and that day is Feb 14th and this guy, calling me into Biology class (Suneetha Mam’s) asked me to turn back on the stage, everyone were looking and I turned back and suddenly I heard gasps from the student and immediately, Ahmed started speaking like, “love is not something that should only be shared with a girl and a boy. It can be with anyone. . .” and so on, he went on. And when I turned back, he was on his knees with the rose in his hand and I, without a second thought took the rose with a wide opened mouth and wide opened eyes! He hugged me on the stage! Haha, I am gad, we didn’t go for the kiss. My man, my man, my man. I even cannot forget his expression when I gifted him the prayer cap in farewell. Lovely man!

Vinitha needs a specific mention now. I am sure, with proper support, she’d become one of those wonderful architects the world has seen ever. She got it man. With her chalk-piece arts, my god, she blows me off. She gifted me a chalk piece art, man, in which she engraved this ‘N’, my god, how colorful and how beautiful. I was at the brims of happiness when I saw it. “For me?” I asked. Haha. “Yes,” she said. And all the surrounding were filled with beautiful, untainted love! I loved the moment.

The same thing, a grain art, in which a rice grain was locked in a glass, which is filled with fluid that magnifies the grain is gifted by Prasad. One side of the grain it is written Indra, and other side, Usha Kiran. They way that guy understood our back-to-back friendship is really blowing!

Because I am talking of gifts, the two photo frames take a major role, my man. The new year frame gifted by this trio – Priya, Sravya and Keerthi and the second one, which was gifted by Neha and Sri Priya, and I don’t know who all worked on it, they are beautiful. They gifted Kiran too a cup, which is beautiful!

Yesterday (28th Feb – My sister’s b’day) Sakshi has finally, at last gifted her thing which she was trying to give but was not able to. It is the emblem of Om which was gold tainted and stone embedded. It is beautiful. In fact, it is right before me now when I am writing this. When she was giving it, I cannot recollect all her pep-talk, but I can summarize it. She asked me not to think that my life is pathetic anymore. She said everything will be great for me. She said that they might be there or they might not be there with me, and especially her, might be or might not be, haha, but this Om would always stay with me and would bless me. She asked me not to loose it, and I, I am very moved.

Part 5:

Chocolates always play an awesome role in any kind of a relationship. If we are going to show to anyone that they are special to us, chocolate can help us like hell. So, I did this thing. Three times, I made this chocolate rainfall happen in the class. In the beginning, just for all of us being together, and I think before Sankrathi vacation or something, as a token of having great holidays ahead, and the third, on the so called last day of the classes, when I played guitar for them for the last time, made them sing ‘Falling in Love,’ and taught the ‘All of me,’ and they sang ‘Let it Go,’ for me in return. That day, all the girls sang scores of modern songs, and haha, I had a great time listening to them all.

If there is one habit of mine that is going to kill me, that is my skipping of breakfast. But I am not dead yet, then who is the reason for it? Probably, unanimously, Keerthi. This girl just once gave me a chocolate when I told her that I am feeling hungry in the morning. She almost scolds me all the time; come on I am her teacher! Still, she always says this, “Sir is going to die soon,” and in her rude comment, at which everyone frown out, I find this speck of caring light, which that tough girl always try to cover up. Rishita says this, or said this number of time, “Sir, you’ll live for hundred years, we are just talking about you,” then Keerthi comes in and makes this comment. But she is the girl who asks me almost everyday if I had my breakfast or not. The moment I say ‘no,’ she gives a vague look, which roughly translates like, ‘this idiot will never change,’ and then a soothing expression, ‘what to do, I should do something,’ and then she walks to her bag and takes out something miraculously. She will give it to me. She’ll simply say ‘eat at least now,’ and she goes off. Harsh expression, my god, cold expression. But yeah, a great loving person. I would miss her.

But chocolates are not new, no, no. Sakshi gave me a thousand. Neha gave countless. Many a times, randomly all the students give me. I just take the chocolate and keep it in my pocket even without realizing. Numerous times, Varshita or Vineetha or Sravanthi or Kavya or yeah, some or the other would give a chocolate through the window. Haha, saying that, Srija eats my head to give her something to eat, and I did give her a couple of times the chocolate which I had in my pocket. But just today (1st March) I sat beside her in the examination hall, I was feeling hungry again, and I, like an idiot opened her pouch. There was a wafer in it. Disappointingly I kept it back. She saw it and she was like, “Look properly, it is there,” and she pulled out a chocolate, “It is a chocolate you gave to me,” I yanked it off her hand and I started opening, “Sir, wait,” She tried to protest, but she didn’t, “Tear the cover properly,” she said and when I gave her the cover back, she saved it in her pouch again. Hm, a memory it should have been.

One day, I was strolling in class, making fun with all the guys and all. So I was teasing Tony that he should bring stuff and all, hahah, I don’t want to mention what that is all about, but yeah, when my guys read this, they’ll get it. Chemistry class is just a reason, isn’t it Tony? Hahah! Yeah, so I was making fun with Prasad, Vignesh, Raja, Abishek and yeah, who not, Ganesh, Leela and everyone probably. Then, I walked towards these girls row to sign the diaries, and then, Keerthi made a comment, “The reason why you came to the school, may be you’ll realize it after five years sir,” haha, I wanted to ask her what she meant, but I was already in a rumble and I couldn’t ask her again what she meant, but the sentence stuck out for a very long time. The same kind of a comment was once done by Gunjan, “Sir, your’re not optimistic,” she said, when I was walking through the corridor and she was sitting in the ground, studying something. “What do you mean, I am possibly the most optimistic person you’d meet ever,” and then she replied, with her lousy, I-don’t-care expression, “You think you are optimistic, but you are not at all optimistic,” hahaha, that day, I was almost convinced that I really am not optimistic, haha!

Part 6:

More than the things that are done in the classroom, the little things which I did other than my subject are more important. I probably was the teacher who visited the class more frequently than any other. Any leisure of 10D2 is mine. Even Samuel would think twice to give it off to someone else. The most precious thing would be, I, being the English Master Teacher took three full length periods, and covered the background of Ramayana. But I always had a slight feeling, that the Hindi people weren’t present in the classroom. But the last day of the school, I got a chance to take the Telugu class with Hindi students also in it. I opened up my heart and spoke about Lord Shri Ram. I, teaching Mythology is not new in the class. I have talked about Greek, Roman, Norse and Indian mythological issues in the class, and I used to try hard to make them understand the parallels between them. That day, I got a chance to talk of expounding myself on Lord Shri Ram. I explained the favorite episode of mine, and they heard with their utmost and rapt interest.

I, whenever there was a chance, used to play games with all the other class children. But all the year, I never got a chance to play with my own class. I tried a lot and pushed it all the time, but I never found time. Every time I wanted to play with them, I got some or the other work. Along with that I promised Keerthi that I will talk to her for a fifteen minutes about different things, which I couldn’t do till now. She too tried all the time if I can find time then, in a games period, she can sit and talk to me. On the last day; the day when we all sang together, and I made them sign on my guitar, I got the chance, or, I made the chance to play with them finally. I played with them in the last hour of the school, and I played half an hour Ko-Ko with guys and the remaining half with girls. Gunjan, Kavya and Priya were terrific at the play and I was awe struck at their play. The guys, the guys are all awesome at whatever they do. But Shri Priya didn’t actually play anything, she just sat.

That day, yeah, in the game, Suneetha joined in my opposite team. She got me out, and in return I got her out, haha! A great play.

The final days are both worst and are really good. Any little comment I made about the parting, most of them used to cry in the class. I used to talk carefully, because, in my mind that was a constant thing which never really stopped running. The last before day, they asked me to talk about the book which all these girls gave me, and I told them I will not touch the book at least for the next two years. They asked me why. I told them, I cannot and do not want to recollect the memories, haha, that is so true.

In such a heavy moment, one day Usha Kiran told me he wanted to take the class. For one last time. That is a really humble request. He is the one who helped me in the beginning to build the class what it has become today. He told them stories, he told them theories, he told them laugh many a time, and whenever my people loved him, I liked that feeling. He is the first to tell them a sci-fi and asked them to write a story on their own, and then was when we all became close. When he asked that, I was so happy. Even I want him to take his last class. That is his to claim. he came that day and he decided he will waste the day. He simply talked whatever rubbish he got in his mind and he made them laugh like hell. He shared his childhood stupid memories. And my people liked them. Usha Kiran teaching them is one image I would never really forget.

The most boring and at the same time, the most important thing that has happened in the class room in the last days is the English grammar practice. We did a great deal of Grammar practice in the last days, which I am very sure will help them in the exams at last. The enthusiasm Vyshnavi, Lakshmi and all the students displayed was awesome. While doing that too, we had a great fun. Eshwar sir took three classes for grammar, in return of which I promised I would take three story-telling classes for his sections, the students urged me to come and not give my classes to anyone else. A few were angry too, but what to do; even if they were the last days, I wanted them to have the perfect grammar training and there is no one better than Eshwar sir for that.

Sri Kanta used to love teasing my class with my name. He would simply go inside the class, and then ask a stupid question and when they couldn’t answer, he would say, “Your Nagendra sir didn’t teach this?” then the children would be very angry and he used to enjoy it. The last days’ personal war between Keerthi and Sri Kanta should never be forgotten, haha!

Part 7:

Where there started the air of farewell in the school, the two persons who were the most anxious were Sri Kanta and I. We planned things like hell. I was talking to Samuel and Suketh if we can give a music performance as teachers performance, and I was listing down the songs and all. Sri Kanta and I decided that we would give a mass entry for Mass Maranam song when the students would be doing it on the stage. It would be totally electrifying. We both are those most sorted male teachers of the whole school. I am proud to say that and if we get on the stage, it would break the hell lose on earth, and students would become devils. We planned that we will buy twin dress and wear on the day, apart from which we did not do anything.

The song sung by the teachers looked like impossible in midst of all the student rumble and we quit the idea after a very long struggle. And I and Sri Kanta stood on the word that we would go on to the stage and do rubbish, but we didn’t that evening. Apart from these both, there was another thing which went pretty disastrous. These 9I people reached me one day (three days before the farewell) and told me that they are doing a skit and they needed help from me in dialogues and all. I asked them if their skit is confirmed, they said Sri Lakshmi ma’am asked them to practice; they’ll present it before Arjun sir and Sri Lakshmi ma’am; if they like it, they will do it on the farewell day. When this discussion was happening, Sri Kanta is just beside me. He got excited!

He eagerly asked them to present it before them. It is a skit in which students would try to fetch games period from Maths, English and Social teachers which is pretty impossible. It is a class room drama and it was really great. Sri Kanta widened his eyes and there was a huge smile on his face. It was scary, when that guy becomes like that. “I got an idea,” he said. I asked what that was. “We shall do the teacher characters on the stage,” he said. Like it was a compensation skit for us not getting the chance to sing and all. “Is it possible?” I asked and he was pretty positive. “First they will present it to those two people, when they agree, suddenly on the stage we shall go and do the main act,” was what he said. And when I asked him what would we do if we get caught, he simply said that we could convince Arjun saying that students forced us to go.

A plausible plan. I am the English teacher, and he is the Maths one. Sarojini is the social, but I didn’t want her, for two reasons. If she is around, I would go hell nervous. The second is, if we involve a lady faculty, we don’t know what we were going to face, and it might be anything, it become ten times worse. But still I wanted to let her know. I didn’t know how she would take it if she finds someone doing a social teacher role on the stage. I went to her and asked her if she’d do, she simply declined, “It wouldn’t seem nice if a girl does it all on the stage,” she said, and I again, it felt so good. So, we asked Suketh, if he would do a Social teacher role. He is for Physics, but yeah, he would suit like hell on a stage. He said he’s fine with it. We told him all the plan. Hahaha, I am not blaming, he talked about the plan with Arjun sir! Abba, a rain of fire drenched me and Sri Kanta after that. The whole skit got cancelled, and it took a lot of preparation to say it to the children. But there is no guilt of spoiling children’s fun though. The skit isn’t there at all. It is a myth created by Sri Lakshmi ma’am to tease them. They thought it was true and so did we. We became blind sheep for something that didn’t even exist.

But the best part was the farewell day. The grand day. Sayonara, is how the day is called in this school. Sri Kanta and I were freaking busy all morning. The event starts at 3 in the afternoon and ends at eight in the evening. In the afternoon, we made some time and strolled all over the town to find a twin dress which would suit us both. We went to a store which he knows well, but ended up in some FB store or something in which we got a blue jeans cloth shirt and black pants. That worked well at the end.

For the farewell event, I personally thought I wouldn’t be given any kind of a responsibility. Sri Kanta is asked to do all the anchoring thing, managing the sudents who are doing it and giving them exposure and all. The prime lady teachers, Suneetha and Sarojini ma’am were given the duty of managing games and itinerary and something like managing the event and all. Bhavani was asked to take care of all the stage population and management and all, and she’s pretty good at it. Suketh sir was asked to do the welcoming speech of the guest and pretty much after that all the teachers were involved in some or the other works. But I was not. I was chilling out, with an idea in my head that I am not going to anything. I was asked to write a couple of Telugu quotations to print on the flex and with a lot of head-storming, I did it somehow. But that’s not a work at all. When I was in that happy attitude visiting these fake-skit guys and roaming around these game preparations and helping out anchors and all, along with assisting Suketh with the speech, I was called by Arjun sir. I was like, “Just now I got whipped for this skit thing, what did I do again!” and when I entered his room and sat at his table, he silently said. “I am assigning you the most prestigious task of all,” and I was like, “WHAT!” inside my head. “The school children need to give speeches on what they have learnt here since their childhood. It will be a direct showcase of the learning process of the school and the methodologies we use here, and the curriculum pattern we follow,” he was taking a breath. “So, you need to prepare children for it. Take out the list. I am going to tell you on which parameters you are going to select them.”

I picked out the best team possible. A mixture of well studying students to students who stumble in studies, who are good at expression and people who are not. People are who are obedient, and the rebel leader of the school. The speeches went great. Sohan is a pleasure to have. Abhinav – The rebel leader or something for the school – is one my favorites. Happy is a pleasure again, Sravya, Cherry are too good, and Dohya is the closet of all. With these people, for three days, I sat in a room and we all had a great thing. On the final day, I called Sakshi in. Dohya sang ‘Pibaree Raama Rasam,’ for some five times, for I asked her to sing again and again, but after that, she sang, “Madhurame,” of Krishna, ha, it filled my heart and it will never leave my head. I sang Saaware Ayijaiyo with Sakshi for one last time. And then, they were ready for the farewell speech. To keep it simple, they did great on the stage. They made the whole crowd scream and shout, and people said, “When Nagendra gives training, this is how it would be!” it is a compliment for me!

Now, let’s take over this: The farewell rubbish! I am quite sure, I have attended 4 farewells, but no, no, nothing is like this. The farewell began with eateries and all, in which we had a hundred selfies and all. That moment, there was a lot of tension between Roja and me. I don’t know what that is, and let’s keep it aside for now. The eateries are done, and when the program started with Suket giving a speech or something about the chief guest. The chief guest is a really great man, a Sahitya Academy Award winner and all, and the stories he told on the stage were highly philosophical, my god, totally awesome. So, yeah, let us keep those things aside.

It all started when the students started giving the speeches. Ababbhaaa. I would whistle even now. It was a total mass event even though the school wanted it to be a very cool and exhibiting one. In each of the speeches, when the students were commenting over the teachers, the crowd cheered like mad. Of course, you can expect my name to be popping out again and again. There was a cold war between Sri Lakshmi ma’am and I. She was highly unhappy that students were exaggerating me and, we exchanged glances and all. When Dohya started talking about me and didn’t stop for a minute or so, and the crowd was cheering like hell, I stood at the behind of the audience and danced looking at Sri Lakshmi, hahaha! But she is not little. Many students named her as their motherly figure and all, but I was FREAKING RAJINIKANTH and the best part was I know it!


The speeches were done, and I was frequently warned by Bhavani not to make out rubbish with students, and she urged me to help them to be controlled. There was a dance paying tribute to Pulwama attack, and that was totally moving. Sanjay took two meddles and I want to say, my god, I went and joined our 10D2 guys; I was risking something, I know, but come on man! It is I. If I am afraid too, who would they look upon when they want to dare. Every time Sanjay picked a love song, I was like screaming and singing along with him and yeah, the whole class was singing, along with girls in the next row. At one point, the whole school was silent. They were all just watching and listening, but only us, like maniacs, screaming! Like if you take a hawk eye view, you see a pleasant audience but in their midst, a group of fifty students trying to tear the sky off.

But the one thing which turned me like hell was the 9th class girls dance. What a performance, abbhaa, I stopped screaming, and started gaping at them. My man, that was so cool, and then, I was conscious and joined my guys.

One really memorable thing would be this: When the anchors were talking about the class, they said, “10D2, the largest class in the whole school, with 51 students in it,” and then, our all guys screamed, “52 students,” so loud that the anchor thought she was wrong, but nah, she couldn’t perceive that there is one invisible student in the class, and that’s I. Haha!

Everything went to peaks when, at the end the ninth guys walked the stage with these mass songs listed. My god! Biology Suri Babu sir came intro our midst and started dancing for them. Then it all broke down. We defied everything that’s trying to control us. We threw the chairs and started to dance. Looking at us, everyone begun. Haha! The dance was awesome. All the boys and girls were on fire. Haha. Like they were living the last moments of everything.

When they were happy, they were freaking beautiful!

Hm. I was talking about these all, while there was one other thing that was all beautiful. The school organised this: they gave candles to all the tenth class people. They would be holding it for some ten minutes and sway to this 3 Idiots ‘Jaane Nahi’ song or something. That’s the plan. But in the last moment Bhavani got this idea. If the song is played for the next five minutes, it might bore them, so she wanted someone to talk on the stage really emotionally, so that it would well out all the love students have towards the school and all. Who would that be? Haha, Arjun sir immediately was like, “Call that idiot, only he can do this kind of a thing,” and when the candles were being given I walked on to the stage. The children already started crying looking at me on the stage, and then I started:

“This is not a permanent parting, is it? Promise to your best friends holding their hands that you will not forget them ever. Tell them that there would be no parting in the heart. . . “

I don’t remember, man. Because there was no script. It came out of heart and I talked for nearly seven minutes. Everyone were melted down to water below. I received a huge applaud from everyone after it, that it is the finest of all the speeches, from even Kranthi – The Great! But that was not what mattered. Hm, the children; they were holding their friends and were crying out till they couldn’t anymore. Ah, my eyes were wet too. I too wanted to hold someone. But I cannot, right? So I talked all, and when it was done, the candles would be passed down to the ninth class kids. Ha, the pride, responsibility and pride of being seniors was sent down the line. My tenth class guys’ duty was done.

Part 8:

In the beginning classes of mine, I told them about a dance called “Guntalakadi Gula Gula,” haha. Vignesh and Prasad ran towards me, and they were like, “We thought we would do it one day, but we didn’t and this is the last day.” By then already Arjun sir saw me igniting all my kids. He already warned Sri Kanta that because of us children are crossing limits and all. A risk. No, no. Another risk! And then, I looked at my guys who gathered around me already. The event was done already, everyone were getting ready to leave. Hm, I said, “Alright,” and there was a huge uproar. All our guys went to the last of the ground and gathered in a huge circle, and started screaming it, “Gunthalakadi Gula Gula Gula,” haha, we did for eight for times. Other classes guys too joined in. But that was not the highlight. Sir Kanta, from somewhere started playing songs in the stereo and the party which was dead just then came back, alive! There were screams of joy!

The joy rejuvenated. I saw Venu Gopal dancing for the first time and I was blown off at his speed. My man! Then, there was the epitome. Srija came towards me like she’d hit me and said, “Wouldn’t you dance with us?” I was like, “What!” that would really a big mess. All the parents were there by then. My man, a teacher dancing with tenth class students? Slowly, one after the other, all the girls gathered around me and were driving me into the dark ends of the grounds. Suddenly, the lights were off. My god! I raised my hands asking them to stop, “I will dance, wait, let me come that side,” and I moved to the part of the ground where there was light. Then I said, “Ready,” and there was a song, which I don’t remember. My man, the step, haha! It was fire. All these girls standing in a line danced something of a hip movement. Haha, and I danced as its answer. Hahaha! It ran for a brief period of twenty of their seconds, but that was, that is and yeah, that would be the highlight of the whole event. Again guys dragged me off from there. And there was, “Mass Maranam,” of Petta. That Sri Kanta guy was somewhere and he was playing apt songs, truly!

Sohan got ready to dance for the main piece of the song. Exactly then, the songs stopped, and lights were back, and there were strict orders for the students to leave. And I too thought I baffled enough parents and entertained my students enough. We started walking out.

I rememebr three things very clearly. Likitha 11 came running towards me and held my hand and jumped claiming I am her elder brother and she left running before I could say something. Likitha 12 came and asked me with a lovely smile, “Once call me Varma sir,” and I did. Roshini came and said, breaking into tears in the middle. “Why did you come so late sir, why didn’t you come in the beginning? At least one year before?” I consoled her not to cry, and she smiled, and she is so beautiful to see when gives out that impish smile!

It was time. We should also leave. I, Sri Kanta and Usha Kiran came out, screaming byes loudly. Usha should get on the bus to leave and we got him to his bus, thinking what we have done that evening. We thought it would never leave us, ever. This fun, love, this bonding, this true-self, we should never forget these, ever!

{I thought this would be the last post of all, but no. There would be one more after this, because, starting from that night, another story began. The same 10D2, but suddenly I was exposed to a new dimension on the evening of the farewell, and that’s so intricate and so deep, that I couldn’t find those dungeons when I was in the class. When I came out, they started coming looking for me. All the secrets, sweet and sour. Beautiful things and ugly at the same time. haha. They would be the “Repercussions of an Emotional Ripple.”

Very soon!

Part 9 – The Final Speech – In Class:

The last day has come even before we’ve expected, and it is the time to share the last few things which we ought to. Not just the things to share, but this also is the time that we recall all the things which we have talked in our lovely classroom.

First of all, let me express my gratitude for this class for accepting me as I am, and looking and laughing at all my flaws, which make me feel lighter and loved. Thank you!

There is a prime notion that a student or a person should be in a certain way and carry out all his duties and will in one particular way in the society. I am against this. More than the constrains of the society, more than the judgement of others, and even more than the bounds of religion, there is one more important thing, and this is, innate human nature. That is important. The behaviour exhibited by a person when the absolute freedom is given can only be his real nature, and that freedom, I tried to give to you and your truest selves, I have seen very closely. They are lovely.

Once I heard a saying, that, a garden seems really well organised, but without a gardener, it is destroyed in a couple of days. But, a forest seems unorganised and chaotic, but it would sustain for millions of years without being spoiled. The real strength of the forest lies in its chaotic nature. This class is so for me, a forest, which people saw from the outside and called destructive, but naturally strong from the inside and so strong. Remember, it applies even for you. What you see is not always true; the truth lurks inside, deeply and very strongly rooted. You should have the intention to see, and the zeal to understand others.

To everyone I would like to say something: be blissful. That is all. Everything else is an illusion. All the pains and all the tears which will mist your life are not true. You people are precious and more important than gold. The pains tainting you are the rusts, which would be gone if you take care properly.

Do not ever get influenced by others, don’t let others’ impressions and judgements drive your life. Life is one and very huge to miss out. Life is the final gift. There is no another thing like life in the whole universe. There are humongous planets, twinkling stars, awesome moons and blazing suns in the universe. Before looking at them and wondering, remember, they are all inside you. You are bigger than them, you are more precious than them. The moon, might awe you at nights, but you, with life is the most precious thing out there, do not forget.

With life breathing inside you, you are more precious than the whole galaxy. Do not waste this life. Try and make someone else’s life beautiful or, just be with yourself and lead this life to the fullest. Cry and cry like hell, for that is something we ought to do. Laugh and laugh like a maniac, you live only once, and do not think of answering anyone, for all the norms and all the bounds and all the borders are imaginary. Nature didn’t tell us to be like this or like that. Nature did not lay down the constraints of the society. These things are manmade but we are the children of nature. Do not let these imaginary things bind you off. Hey yo, love and life are bigger than many things.

Please, be optimistic. I used to think I am an optimist. One day, I said to someone once, “The sea seems like it touches the earth but it never really does,” and the man smiled and said, “You are not looking properly, the sea, to touch the earth, melts itself and falls like a rain,” I was blown off. There are things happening if we look at them.

Everyone is beautiful, remember, both from the outside and the inside. We should be looking at it. At the flaws of others, just smile, laugh and tap their shoulder, because in reality there is not a thing like flaw. There always is a scope in nature for mistakes to happen.

Krishna says the whole of Bagavadgeetha to Arjuna in the midst of the war-zone. But after the war is done, when Yudistara is made the king and when Krishna was leaving the place, Arjuna stops our Lord and he says, “Krishna, you have said something in the middle of the war-zone, but I do not remember it,” the great warrior and the greatest spiritual master of the Dwapara Yuga, Arjuna, has forgotten the speech given by Krishna himself. Then Krishna smiles, because, Krishna knows, human beings tend to forget things. They tend to make mistakes. Our Lord knows it. He again says the whole of Bagavadgeetha to him. It is the nature of forgiveness. When someone does a mistake, give them a chance. When given a chance and they do the mistake again, give them another chance. You stay aloof. Love, unconditionally.

I have said a thousand times in the class: It is not a necessity for you to be great. But being a human, the only necessity is that you be good. If you want to be great, you can be, but goodness is a must. Goodness is a need in this love deprived world. Please, do not well out tears in others eyes. When people look at you, a warm and happy smile should radiate out of them. You should make a deal with God that you will spread smiles everywhere you are at, and then, you really are a human being and he true Messiah of God himself.

Don’t be afraid, for nothing is going to happen to you. Don’t feel sad, for the greatest possession is you and you have yourself. Do not be tensed, everything is going to be okay. Even if you have done mistakes, apologize and this world is full of acceptance and forgiveness. Finally, believe all the time, that there is a tomorrow and it is going to be great. If it isn’t, then believe again that there is a tomorrow and it will be great. And, one day, it will be, and you will thank the one who has taken care of you till then!

Remember this: What you do is not love, my lovely people, what you do is not love. YOU ARE LOVE!

Three promises:

  • A promise that you will never cause any woman pain and suffering by any chance.
  • A promise, that you will never seek the paths of sinful pleasures and stay pure all your life.
  • A promise that you will be a reason of your parents, country and friends to be proud of and you will never let anyone down in your life.

. . . Cntd #7

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    N if it is given to a person,
    Who presents is even more beautifully:
    Then believe me it becomes a part of our life.
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