Oh My Newly Found Love! (Audio Poem) – The First Long LOVE POEM (92 Lines)

The poem will be found after ‘The Premeditation’ part!

The Premeditation:

I have, in the past, with the graces of muses, written a few poems which honored me by crossing hundreds of lines. I have never aspired to make lengths of lines, no. I have always thought and I still think of only one thing: am I able to express everything that I am feeling in the form of poetry? I don’t know, it is pretty tough to express everything that we feel in poetry.

Basically, if you ask me, it because of two things: Poetry is very hard to handle. Poetry, starting from being in our control, controls us. Thoughts sprout up like magic and the poem which has originated to express one certain feeling starts talking of something that is totally different. With a huge control, may be we can take hold of the poem. But then, here comes another problem, which I haven’t sorted out till now and I don’t know if I ever can: the emotions numbing down as the poem flows out!

Let me explain: Did you ever drink water from a water packet? Not a bottle; bottle wouldn’t demonstrate this idea. A water packet? The moment you start drinking from it, the packet shrinks inside and becomes shallow and slowly dies down. The water packet which is full of life in the beginning, which seems like filled, dies. It is just like that!

The moment a poem starts, the poet, it happens to me, so I think it is pretty common! No? Lets see. So, when the poet begins to write, his emotions are so easily transferred to the poem that at one point, the emotion dies and, new emotion, freshly develops later! So, the problem is this: One should know how to properly end the poem by the time the emotion ends! That is, one should know the depth of his or her own emotion to assess the length of the poem that he or she is going to write! With each passing line the balance of the emotions in the self and in the poem should be carefully understood. The expressions should be properly placed, if not it is going to be a pretty awkward way of expressing and, what’s more embarrassing than an awkward poem?

If it was me who was before beginning the poem, I wouldn’t analyse all these boring things; cause then, my emotions were much stronger than intellect. Now, I became lighter, after being done with the poem and this intellect started taking the play. Haha! I am a pretty puppet, don’t you think? But, it doesn’t mean emotions are gone, they are there, resting and they’ll grow again!

Ha, with all these physvhqawufbkjdvk things to take care, ha, I am a struggling poet to express my heart’s original and a newly born song!


Oh My Newly Found Love! – The Poem

The Newly Found Love!

The Muses!
Oh my newly found love,
The heart's rumbling like never before;
My eyes are darting to find your shore,
My grace dims down, love, when you cry;
My world tumbles to ground.
I've waited and would so forever;
A stretching smile of yours and a glint in eyes,
Would worth, my love, my thousand years.
Sins I've reared through all my lives
Would burn, love,
When your light rains over me.
Oh my newly found love,
The heart is rumbling like never before;
I have strayed and stayed
In the paths that're stained,
Oh my love,
Don't leave, or gain a painful mind;
For I was naive,
When roads drove me wrong
And drained was I, of care.
Oh love,
For now I saw how love would cleanse off the heart
And show the path;
I bow, my newly found love,
To you and say,
Your'e the queen and please,
Take my heart's throne
And my crown.
Oh my newly found love,
The heart's rumbling like never before;
I wore wearing faces and bore a brooding heart;
I was sucked, love, by the grievances of earth;
The light has ceased to shine upon me;
I was doomed.
There was no room, for me to fly;
I hadn't known to cry;
Your'e the one who gave me abiding wings,
Your'e the one who has shown me shiny things,
Sowed you have, hope's saplings,
Love, would you let me ornate thee with my ring?
I will break myself and make anew,
A place for you, forever, it's true;
I'd hold you tight and guard at nights,
More than the self, love,
I will be filled with you!
Scores of poems and a myriad of words
I'd dedicate and give to you.
All embossed stones I'd bring;
Like stars for night, love,
I'd decorate you!
No, you won't, weep at nights,
No, smile won't leave our site,
Love, I would tear the sun and
Bring the bright core for you!
Oh my newly found love,
The heart's rumbling like never before,
The heart's stumbling more than you'd know,
The loneliness, oh, I cannot bear, no,
Please, do not ever leave me alone.
What's the pit that's beneath
Your absence, I do not know;
I wish I wouldn't know, no!
What's this life beyond
You, I wouldn't dare;
Never show,
Do not, me, throw!
The heart's rumbling like a train
On its rails is trailing
All the way;
No peace to claim,
No tears to spray.
My prayers, love, if, can make you stay,
I'd leave my life in the midst of prayers.
Breath, breath, breath;
You are for me.
Let me breath, just breath.
Love, heart is burning!
Breath, breath, breath,
I know, I'd write a thousand notes,
A million poems,
My dreams would drench the papers of world,
The stream of love, love,
Runs extremes and floods my netherworld!!
Just give me one cue:
Just stay, wouldn't you?
Just stay, wouldn't you?
Just stay, wouldn't you?

{Falling over the feet, I thank the muses who, always sitting inside my heart, inspire me and enable me to write these lines. I pray, thy grace, would never desert me and leave!}

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  1. Mamta Indoria says:

    Awesome sir !loved it a lot

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  4. pravallika759 says:

    Sir, u r really awesome, it’s too gud , I luved it sir , Your vocabulary was fantastic

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    1. Thank you so much!

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  5. Pooja says:

    Great sir !! Awesome you have a really good vocabulary loved it sir


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