The Great Fall – A Divine Vision – A Resonance of Faith

For He, who remains indescribable even by the scores of Vedas and myriad of Myths woven on this scared lands by the most spiritual of the sages throughout the ages.

For our sake, let’s call Him. . . Shiva!

Part 1:

Where is it we were going? I do not remember. Or, is it like we do not know it at all? But I was conscious of one thing; I was driving the bike. But, why was I driving it? I mean like, it is not like I should not, but it is more like, I do not drive when Dixit is with me. I like Dixit’s driving so much. Not like he is an extraordinary driver or something; no. He is as naive as a bird learning to fly. But still I like the way he handles a bike, and how he is very careful at junctions and all. Even though I am the master of bike riding, I urge him to drive. But this time, I was driving and he was sitting back. Why? I would find the answer soon.

Ha, SadaShiva. What would happen to the Universe if you – it’s happening – isn’t bothering?

Did he say something? I didn’t know. I couldn’t. It was like I am in some kind of a numbness. But he was saying something. He too doesn’t know where we were going. Were we going from Vizag to Rajahmundry or coming from Rajahmundry to Vizag or, what is it about? Were we going to Karnool from Vizag? But we were riding on a ghat-road – the cliff is too high and the valley is so deep, with a slop highly sledging. The breeze was rough and my face was being ruffled by tiny stones that were falling off the mountain because of the breeze. I was trying to be slow, for the dust is making the ride very risky. The road is very slim. A little stumble of the bike will throw us off tumbling down the mountain. Death!

Dixit often says he wants to live till he is old, or to rephrase it, he wants to die after growing really old. Like, he wants to enjoy a quality diseased life on death bed, suck the life till its last speak and then breath the last gushing air. Then, he wants to die. A creepy man, really. I don’t have any such thing. I wanna be a biker. I just wanna be an adventure-traveler. Alright, not adventurer actually, but a kind of a bike traveler or something. Accidents are not new to me: I have escaped death more number of times than anyone I personally know. It seemed to me like someone wants me alive. Haha!

Through the numbness of silence and rumbling air in ears, Dixit leaned on to me to say something. Till then, he sat erect with his eyes closed singing some songs of Shiva. One common thing we both share is Lord Shiva himself. Like, he is a pro, man, he can lean his heart on Shiva as long as he wishes too. I am still a practitioner. I love the graveyard God like hell. It is for Him I am living. He is the reason. Nothing’s as good as Him. I often proclaim: more than myself, it is Him who is filled in me. “Wicky, what’s the speed?”

I don’t know, I took it wrong. He simply meant what the speed was, but I, I was like an idiot. I thought he mocked me or something. I started accelerating like insane and his protesting tone sunk in the roars of gusting winds. The cliff is inspiring me to grow and become great. The valley is fueling fear and urging me to seek an adventure and mark it as my own. Dixit kept on warning me, but after a while, when he understood I am not going to slow down, he sat straight again; closed his eyes and started to feel the air. The way’s going smooth, the curve against the mountain is one of the finest things I would ever see; the rocks spilled by my bike were tumbling down and falling into the abyss of an endless pit, into which we would topple down too.

I drifted off to the thoughts of something and was just sliding through the bike smoothly. The world was moving fine and great. There is nothing to bother about. Where we were going, I didn’t know and I do not, till now, for it was not told. I was just on the bike and I liked moving without a stop, “Wicky!” Dixit screamed suddenly and my abrupt consciousness shook the bike violently. “Check out the road!” he said, but it was late already. The ghat road suddenly was cut down into half, like, one ledge of the road has slid down because of some erosion. I tried to pull my bike on towards the mountain, but, already, the front tire was slipping off the cliff, and the speed was uncontrollable. The brakes stuck at the sudden clench, and it made things much worse.

Dixit gripped my collar bones tight with his palm, I can still remember the pain, but the shock is like no other. His grip slowly was dragged off. We were going far from each other and I suddenly could feel the lightness of the self, which was terrifying than any other things I have felt.

We were falling down.

Oh Adiyogi, who is it that is more merciful than you?

Part 2:

If we are joining our hands, it is because it is He who is letting us to do so, and if we are scorning Him, it is He who wants us to scorn Him. There is not a thing that is done without His will. He is the ultimate force in the nooks and corners of the universe; He is the universe. Just like how our hands move when we intend to, our minds work as He intends to. He is the force of life, and the bliss of non-life. Bow to the lord who is the master designer of everything that is known and that is not known, the master of everything that can be known and that cannot be known, the master designer of everything that is known and that will be known, the master designer of everything that exists and that which doesn’t exist. It is for Him: for He wants us to know, we know it and for He doesn’t want us to, we wouldn’t. Things exist because He wants those to, and things doesn’t exist because He doesn’t want them to. Shiva, He is called, and Hara, he is!

“HARA HARA MAHADEVA SHAMBO KASI VISWANATHA GANGE,” was the scream Dixit let out when we were falling. This moment I am not able to understand how he could sum up his consciousness and lay it on the lord. Even before I could think, I took the cue. We were about to die. It is pretty evident. Last moment, with whom would you spend if given a chance? We would with Him. In the thoughts of His. “Hara hara mahadeva shambo Kasi Vishwanatha Gange,” I started screaming. We screamed as we rushed down the endless pit of light and nothingness.

What was it we saw? Did we fall on a palm? Did we fall in some blue giant’s mouth? Did we pass through a chest? What was that?

We fell down in a water tub and were immediately thrown out of it. It didn’t even take a split second to open our eyes, and when we opened our eyes, we were in the inner sanctum of Varanasi’s Kashi Vishwanatha temple. We were lying on the floor and we were wearing wet towels, like we have bathed in Ganga and came to the temple. There was not a scratch on us; people were looking at us with immense wonder, with wide opened eyes. We didn’t understand if it is a real world or the after-life one.

Miracle is not a new phenomenon in a place like Varanasi. It is not the first time Bolenath has shown his mercy and saved his bakth. He has drunken the KaalaKoot itself to save the universe; why to talk of his craving to save his devotees? But it has happened to us, and we were still lying on the floor of the temple. The three priests who were carrying the worship, should have understood what has happened, for the asked us to stand up and sit beside them. Outside the temple, devotees were bustling like an ocean, but we sat inside the sanctum, beside the Kashi Vishwanatha Linga, and joined our hands looking at the lord with dizzy, bizarre and teary eyes.

One of the priests have taken Kumkum and decorated the Linga with it, just like how they’d do on a ShivRatri. Then is when we have understood which day it was.

It was ShivRatri.

The Everything of everything!

A fall for the one who prays Him? Just praise Him, there is no fall. Even if there is one; we would fall at the feet of Kashi Vishwanatha. What in the 14 realms is better than this? I am waiting for the fall to meet me. He wouldn’t let fall, of course. He would hold so tight, that fall itself becomes an idea that exists only in fiction. Even if all the other Gods, along with demons push us off, he pick us up and places us at his place. There is no fall for him who praises and prays Him. So. Not for me!


{This is a little bizarre and undefinable piece of poetry that has struck Dixit’s mind and conjured up mine later. I just cannot express the bliss it gave me when I was imaging this and so wanted to save it forever. It gives me strength, energy, power and recklessness. A sense of insane assurance that nothing ever can happen to me! Hahahaa!}

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your most welcome sir!but i liked it


  2. Mamta Indoria says:

    Too good .I really liked the idea seriously.It is fantastic sir!

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    1. Thank you so much re!


  3. Mamta Indoria says:

    Your most welcome sir!but i liked it awesome


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