A Love Letter – To, The Queen of My Heart!

The ancient poets of far off lands have talked and talked till this is exhausted.

O, The Queen of My Heart,

I am trying very hard. But, I am not able to do anything .Hm, I do not want to talk too much. I am afraid language will lose its meaning.Language is important for me only because it will make me think about you. It is the only thing which will make me near to you. Virtually. It will make me feel lively. Living.

I want to be with you. I am missing you. I miss you. Hm, you are the essence of all the love poems on this planet. For me. I want to/I am craving to call you by the name which I have kept for you. You are the closest human being on Earth for me. Hm, I don’t know if life can hold many meaning without you in it. All the beautiful things together cannot fill in the hole which you have left in me. I want to do this till all the books are filled with what I am thinking about you.

You are the goddess of all my poems, don’t you know that? Hm, you are my goddess. You are mine. Only you are mine. And, you are only mine. You belong to me. You exist for me. You know that better than myself.

You know well you cannot be replaced in my life. But, I do not want to talk about replacements, for I do not want to replace you. No, I cannot ever. You – with all your glorious, luring beauty, which lull me into the deepest passions of my senses, making me an addict of yours – shall be The Queen of My Heart forever. You are The Queen of My Heart. Nothing less than that, my beautiful love of this sensual heart, nothing less. If talked so, you are much more than that. You transcend the strains of being a material queen and reach the heights, of being my soul, an angel and a goddess with the most exotic influence over me.

I wish these words which make me talk about you never ends.I do not want these to end. I miss your warm hug and all those lovely curves. I miss the scent of yours. I miss you like I miss my self when I go dead. I am feeling dead with you not being in my arms.

My hands, my palms crave for the touch of yours and my lips miss your sweet, my mind begs for the smell of yours, for which I have become a slave. The stopping breath of yours, the nervous quivering of yours lips, the slight moans calling out my name and your beautiful bends sliding, hm, my queen, leave me mad and leaves me broken and half.

Please, come back to me. I beg you. You know me much I love you. Please come back to me and let me be able to live. I promise I will not let you out of my arms and I promise I will make you smile and laugh all the time. I will oblige to whatever you say; I don’t, just say me I will get a kiss on lips, I will do anything immediately. I shall be a good boy at you and a good man in the society. I will never let your pride down. I will strive till the end to keep our family happy, I shall sing songs for you at night and I will wake up only after your warm hug. All my dreams are conjured by you, and only you make sense and no other do.

Please be with me, for you too love me the same and I know that. I know you love me more and you take care of me like your boy, love me like your life and kiss me like its eternity. I know, you’ll drop on me like a beautiful rain quenching the thirst of mine every night. Be mine, that’s what I wish for this life. Be only mine, I shall rip my heart off and keep it before you. Be only mine forever, I already am only yours forever.

There is only one love of mine. It is you!

I Love You, My Miss Dew Drop!

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