Keep The Light Safe – An Indian Poem

There’s a place for sure,

Where this race can cure,

All the disease, and precede,

With all its glory, till the end of times,

Just as it begun,

With the goblet of wisdom,

At the advent of time.

This nation, with all its grace,

Shall not perish and fade away,

No grave danger is in way,

This is holy grail; God, it contains.

The sands of time, might forget,

When this is born and its conduct,

Through the ages dark and frail;

How it stood the rage and gained,

The wisdom, it attained,

Is never before and never shall.

The glory of Sri Vijaya, Sword-ship of Maurya’s,

The gleam of Gupta’s, Shaka of Shalivahana’s,

The kings of Pataliputra, Saadhu’s of Benarasa,

Amaravathi Amarendra’s, Diety-Kings of Dravida,

Buddha, Ashoka, Jaina-Mahaveera,


The dusts of their presence,

Drill in through every muscle.

With the reins of new freedom;

The enlightenment of thought,

We shall grow much stronger,

Than what our counter-parts thought;

For the things in our conscience

Are drawn out of time,

A time when the time,

Didn’t know it was born.

The words of predecessors; precursors of this tree,

Reverberate through our senses, breaks away all that is,

Chaining us to dogmas and religious beliefs,

Driving us to chaos and desperate remedies.

Let the soul of Vedas rule from the above,

Hope the free mind of Upanishads drive us safe home,

From the darkened lands,

Devoid of love, mirth and pleasures;

The pleasures which are reserved only for us.

Living rivers as her nerves, the flowing sands as her skin,

The whining wind as her breath, This nation’s heart beat so deep,

Buried in its scriptures; Ancient and un-cease.

But the soul of this tree, is the smiles of her seeds,

The mirth of her beings.

Its the light for which we strive,

It is the light for which we die,

The light which they has lit,

‘s eternal and all does it fit;

As a torch we have it now,

Passed to us, from the ages unsaid.

For the Gods, for whom we do pray,

Nothing’s at stake,

Keep the light very safe.

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