Maya – The Ultimate “Illusion” of Life?

{Being so naive, I apologize if I exclude something importantly orthodox or I exploit anything too much on bias. Let’s go then?}

Shiva - The only name by which I know this world.
Shiva – The only name by which I know this world.

Maya, the illusion of Life is one of the most intricate concepts of Hinduism (as people around the world are calling this religion; the name of it, I too don’t know, and I seriously doubt if there is a name) which can be ranked among the most popular of it’s philosophies among others like Karma (act and the effect theory), Punarjanma (Rebirth), Moksha/Mukthi (ultimate disconnect from the cycle of lives; liberation from worldly and merging into The One – call it be any name, I am secular).

Lord Sri Krishna - Vishwaroopa - Embodiment of Universe!
Lord Sri Krishna – Vishwaroopa – Embodiment of Universe!

While there are so many things/philosophies in Hindu Darma, Maya seems to be one of the most important of them all, as the emphasis on an individual to know the illusion of life and understand the necessity to get out of it to achieve/experience the ultimate truth seems so high. It is so deeply embedded in a common individual life of an Indian, in such a way that no person of any social strata is exculded from the conception of Maya. It is so popular and it is a common and also a pop belief that this world is not it’s end, there is something beyond and this is just a stage; or a play with a play, which is well mastered by Shakespeare (Hamlet), copying the idea from Thomas Kyd (The Spanish Tragedy)!
To begin with, what can be Maya? Before answering, let me tell you this: I know f*CK about Maya! What do I know?! I know nothing! But here, I am welling myself, and sharing my idea with you, that is all. Now, going to the answer (or, meditation upon on the question in hand would suit better), Maya as explained in the term itself as “Illusion”, but is that right? Many of Indian Sanskrit scholars (normal scholars too), Mythologists and guys who try to dwell upon Indian Ancient (Ancient is a better word than to use religious; at least for India) philosophies say it is a meaning given with narrow view towards the word and this nation’s heritage. It is not just a mere illusion; then what is that? Who the hell knows and how to explain it in English? A language which is highly influenced by French and other European languages alone. Many of core Indian ideas can’t be explained in English. There are no translations for Darma, Yoga/Yogi, Karma and even Guru (Guru is no teacher, if it just means teacher, Jodie Foster wouldn’t be using the word Guru in her Oscar speech of 1992). There are countless words in this fashion. The translations merely kept borders to the words, which in nature represent so much wider and a multi-dimensional conception.

Jodie Foster - 1992 Oscar
Jodie Foster – 1992 Oscar

So, Maya, if you think is just an illusion, you are wrong! Haha, finally proved you wrong bud! Maya can said as, realisation; the realisation and approach towards the ultimate truth! That too doesn’t do justice, but then, this meaning is not at the least pessimistic in approach towards such a hearty word.
Now, talk is enough! Back to question in hand! Do you ever watch a movie? Not in your phones or house, but in the theatre. Yes, you got that, almost. In The Deathly Hallows of Harry Potter, this guy named Longbottom seems to fall down a bridge – My god, I gotta remember the silence in the theatre when the scene was running. No audience (around the world, I believe) wants him to fall down the bridge and DIE! No one wanted to lose him, but no one is gaining him too, come on. But everyone knows that too and still, we don’t want to lose him. When the guy suddenly places him palm on the bridge, there were celebrations in the theatre. Many were standing and clapping (the girls who sat before me were standing and clapping; I missed the scene! Uff!). That is a little example of Maya; the power of dimensions, capturing our minds and making us willing not to realise the truth, even though we know what truth is.

Neville Longbottom - Deathly Hallows 2 - No, not dead, no!
Neville Longbottom – Deathly Hallows 2 – No, not dead, no!

That guy after the film became a superstar and had glorious photoshoots and all. Such things we experience in theatres. People are so good, that they cry if someone is dead in the movie – if a child die in a movie, woman will be crying so much and even if her own child is crying beside her, she doesn’t care to bother her/him. Movie, it sucks people in.

An Epic scene of Indian Movie History - Bahubali - Katappa killing Bahubali!
An Epic scene of Indian Movie History – Bahubali – Katappa killing Bahubali!

No need to go that far. Have you ever had your earphones on in public? You will be swaying, swinging, muffling out the song in awkward, cringy tone and you’ll be in illusion that world is actually happening as you are thinking. If you are on a bike with rock song, it’ll appeal much better. But only when you take out the buds you understand that this world is huge, normal and no, not swaying to the song playing in your buds. If you are before some guy who is having earphones, you’d understand better.
That is how this works, the illusion acting upon us, THROUGH OUR SENSES. Movie apples to us through two senses; eyes and ears. A song appeals to us only by ears and still, often they are deceptive and we are easily mislead.
In a movie, with just a plot and with our knowledge and after watching all its “making” videos, we are mislead (consciously) to believe it is so irresistibly true; what about the world around us which gives us no glimpse of “other worldliness” and appeals to all our senses, and can confuse and diffuse our ideas by its numerous layers and complications? Is this too an “illusion”? Should we “realise” something which is beyond?
Is there something really beyond? Who cares what I think? It is your idea that bothers you. Think, is there something or is metaphysics a pure construction out of poets mind? Think of no science, don’t get influenced by mystic thought. With all its nakedness, think about The Truth. Should we realise? Is there something beyond?

Mount Kailash - Which is believed to be the abode of un-containable mystic energy.
Mount Kailash – Which is believed to be the abode of un-containable mystic energy.

{I thought of telling a story in which Lord Sri Krishna plays a trick on Muni Naradha to explain the effect and implications of Maya, but I think I’ll go with it in the next post. At the least, Maya can’t be explored in a simple post.}

Lord Sri Krishna - An embodiment of Universe!
Lord Sri Krishna – An embodiment of Universe!

While this is one side of it, there is another side of the argument too, which sprung on this own land, one of the most influential of material philosophies – Buddhism and Jainism. Kings of different states (Mahaveera – Son of Kashi Raja and Siddhartha – Son of Nepali province king of Shakya) who became Jaina Mahaveera and Buddha consequently, are founders of this materialistic philosophies.

{See, I’m talking only from the perspective of our subject in hand}

While these are the religions which sprung as rebellion against an orthodox and dogmatic religion, these are (apologies if this hurts anyone), mere offsprings of Hinduism (if that is what you call this!). The things they establish and support and the things they oppose and treat as diseased are both from Vedas and Upanishads, the founding stones/staunch pillars of Hindu Darma. As a rebellion against Bhramanism in India, they are emphasised by Kshatriyan-material-outlook and the total philosophical outlook was attained after many Bhramins turned towards it – so, Hindu Darma is the beginning as well as the end of it. (Apologies!)

Lord Buddha - As conceived by an artist!
Lord Buddha – As conceived by an artist!

So, conception of Maya according to Buddha was nill! He simply says, “things which we can’t perceive through our physical realm is nothing is our care”. (Or something exactly like this!) But does he believe there is something beyond? I have to go through many things if I have to name an authentic source proving he did. But I believe he does. I believe that’s how he meditated and found his Gyana (illumination) under that Bodhi Tree.
What do you think? Is there a realm beyond for which we gotta realise? Or, nothing isn’t there? Even if there is something, it is not of our bother? Ah my god, these questions whril up my mind. Anyway, that’s the end of this thing, I quit!
Ah, now feeling relaxed; I’ll get back to this when I can again! Thank you!

But finally, what is Maya? Is it an illusion or… Realisation of illusion? Haha.. Have a great day!

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  1. Asha Rao says:

    Hahhahahahah……by seeing the caption I thought u will tell what exactly the Maya is..but u finally made us to know what is REALITY…..

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    1. I'm Indra says:

      Ah… Thank you so much… This is a relative world… Everything is connected and nothing can be isolated… I wanted to drive it in that way… Thank you…

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    Annayya……great work…..👏👏

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    1. I'm Indra says:

      Thank you mama…

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  3. theushakiran says:

    Waiting for part 2 , hope there is a part 2 and a part 3 and more !

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    1. I'm Indra says:

      Haha… I will try and see on what I can ponder over… Thank you!

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  4. mama…………waiting for next parts…………..I couldn’t digress while reading this……..not even for a single moment. Definitely waiting for next ones………Yeah you can call me DESPERATE

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    1. I'm Indra says:

      Oov.. Sure.. I will do them as soon as possible! Thank ya mama!



    First thing this blog is an amazing place ….while I was reading this I felt like you are in front of me and talking ….and now after reading the first question i asked myself was what was i even doing without reading this amazing and the same time such a relatable post…this is amazing !!! I am waiting for other parts eagerly…

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