The Fabric of a Countless Woven Myths

Hello, I am Nagendra, and would soon be ‘Indran’, by my pen name. I am an author, and my first experiment, ‘Dark Side of The Coin,’ a novel, is available at BecomeShakespeare | | Flipkart.

But I had recently revoked the deal with the publishers, and it might not be available for long. So, so long!

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The General Journal.

It has been an important assignment of mine since long to keep a journal which talks about my thoughts and experiences of the diurnal course. Something that cannot be thrown into the little curbed boxes of blogs would come here; more like a diary, you can imagine. I started this practice after getting into The Sun School, the experiences of the whole year molded into a series of seven blogs, named as The School Journal, which I should proudly claim: my biggest hit ever! After that I continued the streak of little adventures though In The Quest of Light.

But it was after that that my life had really taken a turn. Huge changes had happened. Finding the girl, getting into Ph.D., getting married, securing a proper job, and my, my, I should say it has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride.

While this ride gave me many things it promised, it took away a few too, which I gently tried to leave into the flowing river of life. Somethings go, somethings don’t. Some just stay on forever. We live over them. Sometimes memories are life, sometimes, life is devoid of memories.

Right now, my life is ridden with love, freedom, money, and stability. At the same time, there is remorse, guilt, impatience, confusion, and hollowness. Being a constant companion and friend, my wife, sometimes with her humor and others with love alleviates the burdens of my heart. For that need to thank her. Along with her, a huge thanks to my my sister, as always, and to Usha Kiran, and also to many other friends for making my life better, and for keeping me sane, stable, and joyful.

With the above formalities done, you will see me again and again, with daily anecdotes, confessions, suggestions, arguments, theories, opinions, and ideas. So, cling on guys, visit whenever you feel like it: here is a book that keeps growing as you read. I promise you, I shall always bear this on my mind: The Giver is the Slave. The Taker is the Royalty.

To, all the life, all the memories, all the love, and all the people in my life!

Welcome, My Majesty!

Date: 27th August, 2021.

Bringing the Ends Together:

(Under Work)

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